The underground are masters of disguise, able to blend seamlessly into any background.

Political intrigue, the joys and anguish of illicit love .. this final episode of Gosick had it all. There are some who say the series will continue without the presence of its diminutive heroine, but I say, “pish”! In fact, I say, “pish posh” to that. It may be difficult to believe the following summary of events, especially if you have already watched the episode. Be prepared; the following shocking events are bound to shock you, particularly when Victorique de Blois dies!

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This week included a very nice animation of a train.

Gosick episode 10 made for a very satisfying end to the arc. In addition to the resolution of the mystery of the Blue Rose, hints were dropped about all sorts of back stories.

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Gosick episode 9 kicks off a new arc. Victorica is stuck in bed with a cold, and Kujo heads to town for a little shopping trip. Of course, it doesn’t take long for Kujo to stumble into another mystery. This post doesn’t discuss the events of this episode, however. My topic, instead, is the way Gosick avoids falling into the tired cliche of saving the helpless romantic interest.

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Gosick 8 – redemption

February 25, 2011

Just a quick update. I’m still experiencing difficulties that prevent me from doing these posts (or even watching shows) properly, so the above image was lifted from Tenka Seiha.

I did want to post, however, because I noticed that Gosick is not being blogged by many, and the opinion expressed is mostly negative. (Check out the Tenka Seiha review, linked above, or this one from Emory Anime Club for what seems to be the consensus opinion). I, on the other hand, find the show enjoyable, light entertainment.

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Eah? A loli detective show?

Gosick is the series whose shoulders bear the majority of theĀ  burden of my hopes for an enjoyable Winter 2011 season. The two main factors that excite me about this show are the possibility of a good mystery story and the cover artwork from the light novels, which was clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau artistic movement (known in Italy as Liberty Style). The animation’s OP artwork, in particular, incorporates elements of this style. The period setting, a fictionalized Alpine country reminds me strongly of Torino, a major metropolis at the time.

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