I don’t regularly blog Giant Killing, but I wanted to make a special post about an upcoming match: East Tokyo United versus the Osaka Gunners. There are several reasons for believing it will be a BIG match, as revealed by episode 18.

  1. This game adds a new class of spectators.
  2. ETU deserves it.
  3. Tatsumi’s new strategy.

I will detail these ideas below, but by “BIG match”, I mean that it will be expansive, in that it will spread across multiple episodes, it will be important, in that it will have a big impact on the in-anime team that I believe will win it (ETU), and that it will be intense with extreme emotional swings, as the realities of play on the field unfold.

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Me too, old man.

I hadn’t intended to blog Giant Killing, but I was planning to eventually review it. Why now, though? Why review a 24 episode show at episode 11? The answer is simple: this episode was perfect. Episode 11 delivered everything I had hoped to get out of this anime, and then a little more. Since this is a “first impression” I won’t be revealing spoilers. My aim here is to tell people why, based upon seeing about half of this series, I think it is worth watching.

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