Shiki 15 – a spark of hope

November 14, 2010

In a moment of great despair, a single spark of hope emerges.

Shiki episode 15 sets up a mood of inevitability that the Shiki have already won, except for a few remaining, but minor details. As one of these somewhat insignificant details, Dr. Toshio Ozaki is feeling isolated. This is especially true because his childhood friend has essentially abandoned him. But in the final moment, when Ozaki looks like he has accepted the Kirishiki’s claim on the village, a single spark of hope emerges in the darkness.

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Thankfully all marriages don't end like this.

Episode 14 of Shiki was absolutely horrifying. It included some gruesome imagery that I won’t repeat here. While various things happened that are, no doubt important to the advancement of the plot, it was Toshio and Kyoko Ozaki’s story that was truly disturbing.

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Shiki gets even darker.

I hope everyone is enjoying / had a great Halloween! The folks in Sotoba village sure aren’t, well the ones who are still alive aren’t. The dead residents seem to be having a grand time, in episode 13 of Shiki.

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This hunter seems all but down for the count.


Shiki‘s back and I caught up. I always knew this show was going to be disturbing, but as I watched it this Summer I could feel it messing with my head anyways. I wouldn’t say this show is scary, in the way American horror films are. Shiki doesn’t have the sudden frights that cause you to jump, it is more of a relentless atmosphere of wrongness that clings to you like a chill in the winter time. After five or six episodes, I had this feeling that I was alright now, but that couldn’t possibly last forever. It wasn’t so much that I was jumpy when I heard strange sounds in the middle of the night, as that I was hyper aware of all the strange sounds. Why did I start watching it again? Because Fuyumi Ono is a gifted writer, and, to paraphrase Akira Tanaka, I would rather regret watching it, than regret not watching it.

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Someone is not only willing, but happy to listen to Bou-san's troubles.

Another week with me falling behind. Here I try to keep up, by writing about Shiki episode 6, Occult Academy (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) episode 7, and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi episode 7. Before we get down to it, you might want to know that the mysterious driver of the cart has produced a chart revealing anime expected in Fall 2010. Take a look now, and start wondering about shows you won’t be able to watch for months.

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An excellent week all around

Well, I’m about a week behind, so this will be a short rave about Shiki episode 5, Occult Academy (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) episode 5, and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi episode 6.
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Sunako discusses death with Muroi.

Episode 4 of the horror anime Shiki sees the “epidemic” spreading. Things are getting pretty bad in the village, and the good folks at the clinic are struggling to find a way to protect the village they love. Sunako stops by for another chat with bou-san Muroi, and Natsuno can’t shake off the feeling that he has a visitor of his own.

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Sako Masao the creepy guy that lives down the street.

Shiki episode 3 introduced several new characters. We met the Kirishiki household, as expected, but there was a surprise waiting in the form of Sako Masao. Once again the episode created a generally creepy atmosphere, but we also got some solid information, that points towards the rules that underlie the phenomena of the show, and even got some hints into Seishin Muroi’s back story.

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Shiki 3 (preview)

July 21, 2010

Meet the neighbors.

The new trailer for Shiki has been posted at the official website. Episode 3 will apparently bring the mysterious newcomers out into the open. I can’t wait to see what they are like!

They have yet to learn what "worst case" really means.

Shiki episode 2 managed to build solidly upon the excellent start made last week to this small town horror story. I was very impressed with the sound work; I’m not sure I would enjoy listening to the OST, but it was very effective at creating a mood of suspense. This episode really opened up the characters and our understanding of the town. We also get several more deaths, and a well-intentioned, but somewhat naive resolution to save the village.

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