At it's heart, Gosick is an imaginative adventure tale (with mysteries) that seeks to capitalize on the setting of Europe between the wars.

This is a *spoiler-free* review of Gosick, which, when approached properly, is quite an enjoyable show. I won’t spend too much time on details, such as production and cast credits, since they can be found elsewhere. Those looking for detailed discussion of plot points can check here. My main intention is to provide my opinion, that it is worth watching, and to explain briefly why. To do that I will consider genre, structure, and character.

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We must now say our goodbyes.

Wow. This is the second to last episode of Gosick, and the prophesied storm has come. A sad ending had been hinted at for a long time now, so seeing friends drift apart, heroes victimized, the peaceful country of Saubure (Savoy) inflamed with the desire for war, and the villain. Albert de Blois, ascendant is not really a surprise.

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The underground are masters of disguise, able to blend seamlessly into any background.

Political intrigue, the joys and anguish of illicit love .. this final episode of Gosick had it all. There are some who say the series will continue without the presence of its diminutive heroine, but I say, “pish”! In fact, I say, “pish posh” to that. It may be difficult to believe the following summary of events, especially if you have already watched the episode. Be prepared; the following shocking events are bound to shock you, particularly when Victorique de Blois dies!

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Gosick 21 – doubles

June 12, 2011

The final curtain.

Gosick episode 21 is the revelation part of the Coco Rose arc, so I don’t want to go into too much detail. Just about anything I say would be spoilers. I’ll just make a quick observation about some of the machinations surrounding the mystery.

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Some really interesting architecture is featured in this episode.

Episode 20 of Gosick was a “leg-work” episode, in which we get more information about the mystery of the previous queen of Saubure. It had some visually striking elements, especially the various shots of the building shown above. There was also ample opportunity for Albert de Blois to show himself as a detestable person, but it was really Kujo’s turn to shine.

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Tis the season to be jolly!

Gosick 19 begins a new arc, and at first things look like the intensity of recent arcs has vanished, as we are presented with the beginnings of a Christmas-themed episode. Kujo is off to buy his girlfriend a present, and the city of Saubreme is full of holiday bustle. Of course these pleasant scenes don’t last long long.

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Kujo and Victorica encounter murder on the Saubure Express.

Gosick 18 closes another really good arc with a thrilling train ride, and leaves things in an interesting state for our protagonists.

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