Gosick 18 – lost on the way to Hades

May 20, 2011

Kujo and Victorica encounter murder on the Saubure Express.

Gosick 18 closes another really good arc with a thrilling train ride, and leaves things in an interesting state for our protagonists.

Spies, sabotage, murder, and masquerade: a recipe for a thrilling train ride.

Since episode 18 is the closing episode for an entire arc, I don’t want to describe too much, to avoid spoilers. I was highly entertained by all the crazy stuff that happened, though. The setting of a train ride through 1920’s Europe with people being murdered was reminiscent of a classic murder mystery, especially since Kujo and Victorica found themselves in the middle of a war between two factions, that hid their true identities. Of course Victorica is too smart to to let this remain a true murder mystery, so it ended up featuring action, including the classic chase along the top of a moving train, and a race against time.

There are only two more arcs left!

So this means there are 6 episodes left, and, assuming Bones keeps to the three episodes per arc they have mostly been doing throughout, that would be only two remaining arcs to wrap things up. This arc, and especially this episode set some things up that will seemingly keep the story from returning to normal. First, Victorica and Kujo are now in open conflict with her father, yet they intend to return to the academy, where he holds enough power to have previously held her prisoner. Second, Victorica walks away from this arc with several possibly important things: a better feeling about her relationship with her mother, the ring, and a scrap of paper that she describes as her trump card. Will she and Kujo be able to fight their destiny? Or will they still be separated by the winds of war after all?

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