Gosick 8 – redemption

February 25, 2011

Just a quick update. I’m still experiencing difficulties that prevent me from doing these posts (or even watching shows) properly, so the above image was lifted from Tenka Seiha.

I did want to post, however, because I noticed that Gosick is not being blogged by many, and the opinion expressed is mostly negative. (Check out the Tenka Seiha review, linked above, or this one from Emory Anime Club for what seems to be the consensus opinion). I, on the other hand, find the show enjoyable, light entertainment.

This latest arc has focused on Victorica’s efforts to clear the name of her mother, who had been exiled from a small town for a crime Victorica believes her mother never committed. It follows the pattern of the first arc, lasting three episodes, and beginning with an initial mystery that is solved rapidly by Victorica, followed by deepening mysteries and red herrings. In my opinion, this is a fun way to spend some anime viewing time.

The one good thing that people seem to be able to say about the show is that they enjoy the relationship between the main couple (Victorica X Kujo). Kujo is an above-average male lead, in that he acts with conviction, even though he comes off as far from bright. For her part, Victorica is more kuudere than tsundere, so we avoid the recycled jokes about hitting and yelling. The result is a fairly convincing depiction of incipient romance between a young man, fascinated by a mysterious and beautiful girl, and said girl, who has learned from hard experience to distance herself from others.

For those who might assume this show is just another moe-filled excuse to show child-like females: this simply isn’t the case. The emphasis of the show is clearly on the unfolding events of whatever mystery the lead couple finds themselves caught up in. Some have claimed that the mysteries are far too simple, leaving them (along with Victorica) bored. Personally I found both the first and this third arc intriguing (the second arc wasn’t as strong, but it was also shoe-horned into only two episodes, which might have damaged it).

Look, Gosick isn’t a must-watch. I can’t imagine it becoming one of my faves (even during this weak season I am having more fun with Level E). I do, however, look forward to each new episode. If you haven’t given it a try, and find yourself with a little extra anime-viewing time, check it out for yourself.

8 Responses to “Gosick 8 – redemption”

  1. chikorita157 Says:

    I like Gosick because Victorica is so cute, but at the same time, lagging to keep up. I’ll probably cover 6 and 7 before watching Episode 8…

    Otherwise, it’s meh… like Fractale after Episode 5 aired. The only shows that I look forward the most is Madoka and Wandering Son I suppose.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I really want to get my computer issues straightened out so I can watch Wandering Son. That very pale artwork is just not coming through in the tiny window I can get to play video.

      I still haven’t watched any Madoka, though I have been reading some interesting reviews, so, yeah, I hope to catch up on that one as well some day.

  2. Vivi Says:

    What, negative response?? I must be hanging out with the wrong people lol. I think it’s pretty fun to watch, even though it isn’t as fun as Level E like you said lol.

    Their relationship is very well executed and nice to watch, no typical hitting/yelling tsundere who’s tamed by the last episode lol

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I’m glad there are some other folks enjoying Gosick. I based that statement on the aniblogiverse (or at least that portion of it that I have perused).

  3. TZakura Says:

    I’ve only read your blog on this and I can tell you whoever said bad things won’t know what they’re missing. This is probably one of the better animes I’ve seen this season. Not a fan of lolis btw, but the mystery and seriousness I think is near enough to Detective Conan’s level which is quite amazing. I do love a good mystery, it’s a brilliant series. Better than most of the the other series this season which I just found too cliched.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Thx for your comment. I think Gosick was criticized too harshly on the basis of the first episode. People complained the the “mystery” was too easy, but they were misunderstanding the locked door setup as the mystery, when it was merely a way of introducing some characters. The real mystery was spread over the next two episodes. By that time many people had already dropped it. Anyways, I like mysteries, too. I’m glad that there is one this season.

  4. Pancakes Says:

    I’m up to episode 17 now. Victorica’s past is slowly unraveling. Pretty exciting. People complain about her overpowered powers, but there is mystery about Victorica that has not been unraveled yet. Slowly but surely

    • Joojoobees Says:

      This series develops slowly but surely. The earlier episodes seem to be purely episodic, but, as you say, Victorica’s past is gradually revealed as a larger story. I’m still enjoying the show, and looking forward to seeing how everything works out.

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