Gosick 01 – first impression

January 9, 2011

Eah? A loli detective show?

Gosick is the series whose shoulders bear the majority of the  burden of my hopes for an enjoyable Winter 2011 season. The two main factors that excite me about this show are the possibility of a good mystery story and the cover artwork from the light novels, which was clearly inspired by the Art Nouveau artistic movement (known in Italy as Liberty Style). The animation’s OP artwork, in particular, incorporates elements of this style. The period setting, a fictionalized Alpine country reminds me strongly of Torino, a major metropolis at the time.

-= ROAR =-

Let me first say that I was entertained by the first episode, and am eager to continue watching this series.

A detective with a renowned sense of style.

I’m really not going to comment on the characters. I’ve barely met them, and what really matters in a mystery story is a sequence of events. These three are somehow tied up in the investigation of a murder. Good first step. The mystery has only deepened by the end of the episode. Very intriguing. Anticipation levels rise.

The Gosick OP artwork shows many influences of Liberty Style.

The Liberty Style, which was popular across Europe at the end of the 19th century, took it’s inspiration from organic forms. This is especially seen in the emphasis of flowing lines, and the inclusion of motifs such as plants. Because it often took a commercial form, most visual art from the style was produced mechanically, on posters or magazine covers. This gives the style a kind of uniformity, such as bold lines and areas of flat color. The Gosick OP uses these techniques to great effect.

Notice for, example, the large, flat vertical band that represents a tree.

At one point the main couple take a train journey through the Alps and arrive in a bustling city. The city reminded me more of Torino than Genoa (despite the proximity of the sea).

Having ridden by train between Switzerland and Italy several times, I would agree it is an awe-inspiring view.

Victorica's pose here is very unusual.

In this scene, an unusually excited Victorica looks about, at the sights of the city. Her pelvis is forward, but her upper body is twisted naturally to the left, and her arms are swirling about as she pivots on her spinal column. the whole movement as she transitions was very gracefully and naturally animated. It also helped reveal her (unusual) state of mind. Well done Bones!

smoking baby

smoking baby

So, does anyone need another loli show? No, about half the shows that started this season feature loli characters. I do intend to stick with Gosick, but for the promise of a real mystery plot, in a very cool period setting.

11 Responses to “Gosick 01 – first impression”

  1. kluxorious Says:

    I just like the gore part is all albeit how insignificant it is. Everything else made me yawn.

  2. I love the setting and BONES did a wonderful job in presenting it. The animation was really beautiful *_*

    I didn’t notice those references in the OP. Seems that the OP was even more fantastic than I thought it was~

    Sadly, the mystery part in this series didn’t impress me >_< As a mystery fan I was very disappointed =( But ah well, I hope it won't continue being that way.

  3. Overcooled Says:

    They certainly paced this one on the fast side. I know next to nothing about everyone except Victorica o.o Somehow, it seems to be working though. I’m interested, and hoping they come up with some good mysteries (especially since the stupid maid mystery they did was so simple to solve…)

    I just pretend she happens to be short instead of a loli and it’s smooth sailing from there XD

  4. Jo Says:

    Really hoping that this gets better. Everything about it just felt slow… felt sorry for the poor guy having to run up all those stairs..lol

    This episode kinda reminded me of that island episode on Haruhi Suzumiya where they had to solve a murder. That was a fun mystery…


  5. Joojoobees Says:

    I still think the show has potential, we’ll see what the season brings.

  6. skyhack Says:

    At 19:55 into the episode, they show the road ahead for the train. Pretty steep for a conventional locomotive! Should be a cog railway.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      What are you, some kind of train otaku? Hah hah. J/K

      Once, while riding by train from Torino to Geneva, I watched an amazing electrical storm. My room in Geneva also had a view of the mountains in the distance, so I watched an electrical storm in the Alps from the safety of my apartment, as well. In the writings of the later English Romantics (particularly the Shelleys) you get this image of Mount Blanc as some sort of terrifying (though beautiful) phenomenon. I can see why with those storms, but I also rode, once by bus, which was scarier, in some ways, because the road was CRAZY! but also quite peaceful, with nothing but clear blue skies all around.

  7. Grey Pawn 45 degree Says:

    I just finished watching it and I loved it, it has a beautiful story line and lovable characters. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great mystery/romance anime.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It seems that people who watch it through to the end really enjoyed it. Any of you waiting on the sidelines, take note!

      • chicken chaser Says:

        this anime is so unique to me compared to other animes ever since the first episode, i think it is because of the repetitive types of anime that i have watched and are being aired. I just watched the last 12 episodes in a row just now, splendid anime and a great ending (unlike lots of other anime that are obviously dumb because they dont put the effort on endings because of budget cuts ) and I’m glad i found this and people actually watch the anime. Should be a popular in the short anime section. GOSICK DESERVES MORE COMMENTS 🙂

      • Joojoobees Says:

        Yes. It is really nice to get a show with a great ending. Too many shows leave things intentionally open-ended in the hope that they can sell another season. In Gosick, rather than doing more random mysteries, we get a decisive ending. More shows should try this approach.

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