Moretsu Pirates 11 ~ this is all crazy to begin with

March 18, 2012

This shockwave is gonna be as big as a supernova!

In episode 11 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates), the space pirate ship Bentenmaru travels through spatial anomalies and challenges a battle fleet to get access to the Golden Ghost Ship. This was an excellent episode from a number of perspectives. It certainly was loaded with space action, Kane had some particularly cool scenes, and there were those little details that make B-Space Pirates satisfying to SF fans.

Princess Gruier Serenity is sent below decks to learn how to wear a space suit.

In another example of the very careful writing we have come to expect from B-Space Pirates, Captain Marika asks Misa Grandwood to take the princess below to fit and train her for EVA. This gives Marika an opportunity to talk frankly with the rest of the bridge crew, but it also addresses in advance what otherwise would have become questions (So now she knows how to operate one of those space suits?).

Misa Grandwood (left) and Princess Gruier Serenity (right) arrive on the bridge.

While Misa and Gruier are below, the Bentenmaru makes another bumpy trip through hyperspace, this time arriving in the midst of a space-time quake. The ship is temporarily robbed of power, and they are struggling to bring systems back online. If you look carefully, you can see Misa is manually operating an emergency system to open the hatch to the bridge. I really like this detail, because it wasn’t even remarked upon.

This is your captain speaking. All hands, prepare for FTL jump.

Speaking of little details that were shown, but weren’t remarked upon: We haven’t seen too much of the non-bridge crew members, but this episode showed a couple of scenes, including when they prepared for the jump to FTL. Here you can see they cover the card table with a tarp, but in the background someone is taping a seam on the wall. I have no idea what the thinking is there, but they were very careful to show that. These little details give the impression that the setting was carefully considered, beyond whatever was necessary for the main storyline.

Grunhilde Serenity.

The Bentenmaru finds the ghost ship, but they are hailed by the Serenity fleet. As it turns out Grunhilde, Gruier’s younger sister is commanding the Serenity flagship. A lot of people (myself included) were prepared to find out that this was a clone, so kudos to the writer for keeping us guessing. There were several things I really liked about this section, but I’ll focus on two.

A dispute between sisters.

First, there was this interesting bit of dialogue:

Gruier: What is the meaning of that uniform, Grunhilde? You know what it means for a member of the royal family to fly a battleship in uniform.

Grunhilde: A ruler must lead from the front line.

Apparently Grunhilde has claimed the Serenity throne. I really like the way everything about the turmoil in the palace is hinted at, but nobody talks about it outright. Again this shows the very clever writing behind this series.

The next thing was also a great example of “show don’t tell”. Grunhilde announces that her guns are already trained on the Bentenmaru, so Gruier should just give up. We see Marika looking at a display showing the relative positions of the various ships, and the ghost ship appears to be shielding the Bentenmaru from the Serenity fleet. Marika then traces out lines of attack to confirm, catches Gruier’s eye, and gives the ‘all clear’ with just a smirk. Gruier responds that they are boarding the ghost ship.

The Golden Ghost Ship (AKA the Queen Serendipity) slips into sub-space as the Serenity fleet watches.

The Bentenmaru manages to get into the ghost ship, but then the ghost ship unexpectedly jumps into sub-space. There are still a lot of mysteries tied up with the ghost ship, the most important of which is why are the members of the royal family fighting over it?

Bonus Service (Kane MacDougall):

Kane MacDougall at the helm.

Kane had some great moments in this episode.

Kane MacDougall: It'll be close, but I'll get it done.

This shot is awesome. I love the colors, the perspective, and the way much of it is almost a silhouette. It also kicks off my favorite sequence of this episode, in which the Bentenmaru outruns the Serenity corbacks to dock with the ghost ship.

"We're in combat."

12 Responses to “Moretsu Pirates 11 ~ this is all crazy to begin with”

  1. Cratex Says:

    If you look carefully, you can see Misa is manually operating an emergency system to open the hatch to the bride.
    I caught that as well, and it’s the little things like that which really make this show for me.

  2. David A. Young Says:

    Agreed, another great ep! Even some people who generally like the show are starting to complain about the pacing, but I don’t get that. I thought this episode moved the story along well, and gave us some great edge-of-the-seat action. I assumed all along that this installment would be all about getting to the Golden Ghost Ship. Next week, the exploring will begin.

  3. foshizzel Says:

    Great episode this week and Kane was awesome as ever! Once he got full control over The Bentenmaru he was so excited hahah and some great lines and showed off some crazy piloting skills.

    Gruier and her sister are definitely a odd bunch, but I guess we can scratch “clones” out for now…I also was surprised to see the other crew members on board! And here I thought it was Marika and just the main bridge crew.

    I can’t wait for the next episode! Damn cliffhangers.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      And since next episode is 12, I wonder if that one is going to be a cliff-hanger as well (thinking they will wrap up this arc at episode 13).

  4. […] as Joojoobees has pointed out in his post, the crew members appear! Hoorah! We already saw two of them before, Mario and Luigi, guarding the […]

  5. uldihaa Says:

    Such an excellent episode. Those little details are a big part of what keeps me coming back and it’s what separates decent-to-good writing and great writing. This series is just head-and-shoulders above most sci-fi anime in the last five years that some people might be having trouble recognizing it. 😉

    The confrontation with the sisters was excellent. It showed that Grunhilde was obviously a puppet, and that she still cared for and respected her older sister, judging by her reactions. It also explained the occasional expression of sadness and worry on Gruier’s face and the side-conversation that was going on with the chamberlain back in episode 9.

    I’m really looking forward to the obvious confrontations to occur in the next episode.

    Oh, and: WOW, this episode was gorgeous; and a good example of CG done right. Those colors! The liquid blending of them as they finally get a good look at the source of the space-quake is poster-worthy.

    Also, I have to say that I’m hoping for a return of Pirate Chiaki at some point from the last episode. I almost quipped, “You want some bread with that ham,” out loud. She was really enjoying chewing that scenery. Ham at it’s finest.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yes, an excellent episode, and I agree that it was visually stunning.

      I’ve seen different opinions posted about whether there are only 13 episodes or if this will run for a second course. I hope it continues into the Spring, because they seem to have established a great world for more pirating adventures. And yes! more Chiaki in pirate gear. She obviously enjoys it so much that it would be a shame to make her give it up.

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