Chiaki Kurihara handles things “pirate-style”.

Episode 18 ends the third major arc of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates). Frankly this third arc hasn’t been the best of the series, even though it still had some elements that were interesting. I liked the way that it used characters we already knew from earlier arcs, instead of introducing a lot of new characters, for instance.

Another example is the way they made use of the Silent Whisper, something that Uldihaa nailed in a comment last week:

I do wonder how they plan on using that newly acquired ship they got. And I’m pretty confident that it will be used at some point. This show never drops something like that into a story without using it fully. It’s gotten way too much attention to be a ‘throw-away’ ship.

If it follows established practice, next week Mouretsu Pirates will be another transitional episode. I really hope the final arc is a strong one, and that this show ends well.

Bonus Service (Chiaki-sama)

Chiaki Kurihara in Miko outfit with gun.

Don’t ever get on a woman’s bad side.

The bride wore white. Jenny Dolittle takes marriage vows very seriously.

Episode 17 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates) pulls another twist in the storyline. While the regular crew of the Bentenmaru are still hospitalized, an unforeseen event brings a shooting war to the substitute crew. Meanwhile the aniblogiverse is heating up over a little PDA.

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Captain Marika Katou prepares to have a difficult conversation in the gun room.

Episode 16 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates) continues the pattern established in this series. The earlier episodes built up to this episode in which the Yacht club fills in for the hospitalized crew of the pirate ship Bentenmaru, but when the job is over, an emergency dealing with a possible traitor in their midst, and a kidnapping are exposed.

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The crew of the Bentenmaru are hospitalized but hardly resting.

Episode 15 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates) turned out to be quite funny. With the regular crew still in quarantine, Captain Marika tries to run some pirate jobs with her friends from school. The problem? The Bentenmaru is tricked out, and nobody in the Hakuoh Academy Space Yacht club has been trained in the peculiarities of the systems aboard it.

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Misa Grandwood discovers a problem on the Bentenmaru.

Episode 14 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates) kicks off the third arc of the series. A problem comes up that threatens the very existence of the Bentenmaru, and Captain Marika cannot depend on any of her crew to help her resolve it. A lot of people don’t like the methodical pace of this series, but I thought this was a good set-up to the new arc. It also gave us an opportunity to learn more about some other elements of the setting.

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Safe cracking on the Golden Ghost Ship.

Episode 12 of Mouretsu Pirates (AKA Bodacious Space Pirates) gives us the exploration of the Golden Ghost Ship, so beware! Spoilers be ahead! In short, B-Pirates managed to avoid delivering the obvious storyline once again.

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This shockwave is gonna be as big as a supernova!

In episode 11 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates), the space pirate ship Bentenmaru travels through spatial anomalies and challenges a battle fleet to get access to the Golden Ghost Ship. This was an excellent episode from a number of perspectives. It certainly was loaded with space action, Kane had some particularly cool scenes, and there were those little details that make B-Space Pirates satisfying to SF fans.

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Kane MacDougal really seems to enjoy his job when things get most difficult.

In episode 10 of Mouretsu Pirates (Bodacious Space Pirates) the hunt for the Golden Ghost Ship is on. A number of interesting things were hinted at this week, but the big picture is still unclear.

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The Mouretsu Pirates (AKA Fierce Pirates AKA Bodacious Space Pirates) OP/ED single was released today. Both tracks are performed by Momoiro Clover Z, an idol band with a sentai theme (think Power Rangers). You can see in the image above that each member is associated a color. I took to the ED (Lost Child) right away, but the OP (Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyokyoku) — “Furious Space Symphony’) also quickly grew on me. I don’t have too much to say, but I’ll link you to the vids.

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Hyakume. It's good to be the pirate.

Episode 9 of Mouretsu Pirates (AKA Fierce Pirates, AKA Bodacious Space Pirates) continues the rising action phase of the Golden Ghost Ship arc. I am amused that this show continues to generate antipathy from anibloggers, while I find it to be well constructed and engaging.

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