Moshidora 8 – errors

May 5, 2011

The business enterprise is made up of human beings. The assumptions, opinions, objectives, and even the errors of people (and especially of managers) are thus primary facts for the management scientist. -- Peter Drucker

In baseball, mistakes made on the field are called “errors”.  Episode 8 of Moshidora (What if a female manager of a high school baseball team read Drucker’s Management?) shows us a few. There are also some off-field events that the characters might consider classifying as errors.

Things are getting tense, as Hodokubo inches towards the final game.

The team finds itself confronting last year’s tournament runner-up Shuhoku High School in the second to last game to determine the right to play at Koshien Stadium. Their star batter, Hoshide, knows the opposing team’s ace pitcher, who seems to believe that Hoshide made a mistake by choosing Hodokubo High School, instead of Shuhoku, with its strong baseball focus. This game is Hoshide’s chance to prove he didn’t make a mistake, but Yuunosuke’s on-field errors put Hodokubo’s chance of going to Koshien in jeopardy.


I wondered in my last post how Yuuki would feel about some of the things Minami said, if Yuuki knew she was about to die. The other side of that, is of course, how Minami would feel, having said them, if she found out that those were the last words she exchanged with her friend.

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  1. MichaelJohn Says:

    It was a good Anime..
    Best one i’ve seen so far…

    [edited to remove spoilers]

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