Being professional manga-ka is serious business.

This is a first impression of season 2 of Bakuman. For an introduction to the series concept, see my first impression of the first season. I was somewhat negative in my final thoughts on the first season, so I wanted to give the new season a chance to make its case (and stand or fall on its own merits). To sum it up, the first three episodes of season two has focussed on the stronger aspects of the story, without completely overcoming the first season’s weaknesses. If you loved the first season, then season two is a great continuation. For those who felt disappointed that the first season dragged, and spent too much time on the romance between Mashiro and Azuki, the second season has, so far, avoided this particular pitfall. I still think the artwork is uneven and not up to the standards of J.C. Staff, but with this stronger storyline, perhaps the second season can finally deliver. Read the rest of this entry »

Bakuman 5 – effort

October 31, 2010

Liquid inspiration.

In episode 5 of Bakuman, our budding mangaka dedicate their Summer vacation to creating their first manuscript. After several weeks of hard work, little sleep, and fast food they are ready to call the editorial office to show someone the results.

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And so it begins.

Bakuman episode 4 covers the essential tools illustrators use to create the manuscript from a name. No, I don’t even care about the other stuff.

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We finally get to enter Ji-san's studio.


Last week Bakuman left us with a pseudo-cliff-hanger. As episode 3 begins, our aspiring mangaka enter the studio left to Saiko by his late uncle. We get a little bit of manga industry lore, and the episode is rounded out by addressing some background issues. It all adds up to putting the lads on the path to making manga. These first three episodes add up to three days storytime, so the pacing actually feels pretty good so far.

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This episode ended with some great energy.

Bakuman episode 2 really picks up the momentum, and left me excited to see what happens next.

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In Bakuman, two Japanese middle-schoolers set out to become great manga-kas. This was only the first episode of a two cours series, so there isn’t a lot to go on yet. I make some quick observations regardless.

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