Meiko Kaji, the eternal outcast.

SOoooo….. I have been watching Winter Season episodes but really haven’t seen anything that was so exciting that I felt I needed to write about it right away. Nothing was anywhere near as awesome as  the supreme outcast, Ms. Meiko Kaji, so I’m linking up some of her videos instead. Heh, heh. I’ll probably have a couple of first impression posts after watching three episodes alá the traditional “taste test”. Until then (or the next episode of Chihayafuru), enjoy some Enka instead.

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Fuji Ayako-san

One of the proudest traditions here at the Abandoned Factory, is kicking back with some Enka on the 4th of July. Last year it was Yoko Nagayama, and while nothing says “4th of July” quite like a beautiful woman in a kimono playing a shamisen, this year we are going to spell Independance A-Y-A-K-O, as in Ayako Fuji.

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Happy 4th of July!

For those in the United States of America, today is Independence Day, when we shook off the bonds of tyranny, that is the claims of the British crown and Parliament. What better way to celebrate that than with some Enka music? Okay, many people prefer watching fireworks, but this is Independence Day, so I’m gonna do it as I please! If you are so inclined, enjoy the music by Enka performer Yoko Nagayama by checking out these videos. Have fun wherever you are!

Anime Music Appreciation

LP, MP3, or Youtube, music just has to be heard.

With this post I’m kicking off an occasional series of posts dedicated to the wonderful music of anime. I’ve seen other bloggers write exhaustive catalogs of all the music that came out in a year, and others that simply give their favorites. Personally I don’t think I can decide which OPs are the “best”. My tastes change a lot, and even if I were convinced I had heard all the greatest songs, I would probably rank them differently, according to my mood. What I intend to do instead, is occassionally create a post “appreciating” something, most likely a specific performer or composer, but, who knows. In the spirit of who knows, I’m starting with five OPs that I like a lot, with no respect for theme at all. Slip on the headphones and enjoy.

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