“Linda” stumbles onto just one of the many mysteries awaiting the girls on Akabaster.

AKB0048 episode 5 didn’t have any of the battle action (or even song and dance routines) we have come to expect from this series, but what it did deliver are several bizarre mysteries that continue the world-building, as well as deepening the story. ¬†First I comment on the incredible scenery of Akabaster, the AKB0048 home planet, then I look at the following mysteries: 1) Tomochin, 2) the Center, and 3) Quadruple-S.

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Chieri. “I’m going to defend this concert!”

AKB0048 episode 3 puts our idol hopefuls through the wringer. They expect to spend their time singing and dancing, but end up fighting to protect the hopes and dreams of those who want to see AKB0048 perform. As one might expect, the themes of hard work, dedicating one’s self to a cause, and banding together are key drivers.

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The DES try to stop the music.

In episode 2 of the idol action adventure series of the season, AKB0048, the hopeful recruits meet some new friends, but their cruiser is attacked. Also tensions between potential rivals threaten to break the group apart.

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Idols fighting the police with laser swords? This is only the beginning.

In a future where fabulousness is outlawed, who will fight for our right to entertainment? AKB0048, that’s who. AKB0048 are the spiritual successors to J-Pop sensation AKB48. AKB0048 is also the name of the last series to air of the Spring 2012 anime season. This is a Science Fiction series in which idol band AKB0048 fights against government prohibitions forbidding entertainment. Our perspective is that of some young fans, who are inspired by the groups fabulousness, and seek to join them. This adds a helping dose of tween rebellion that fits the basic theme of fighting for the Freedom of Expression quite well.

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Drum roll, please.

It is my custom to look ahead to the upcoming season, pick out a few interesting shows and predict one that will be really great. As usual, I warn you that this is not a comprehensive preview of the season. Most of those haven’t come out yet, but I have run across two:

  • Star Crossed Anime Blog – this is a comprehensive and methodical assessment of the upcoming season.
  • The Cart Driver – this is a highly subjective and very opinionated assessment of the upcoming season.

Between the two of these you can get a good sense of what anime has in store for us in the coming months. If you want to skip straight to the good stuff, read on!

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