Fall 2010 Plans

August 15, 2010

I never write up comprehensive previews of upcoming seasons (let alone with a quill pen), I like to leave that sort of thing to those more knowledgeable, so take a look at the Star-Crossed Anime Review, for a thoughtful and comprehensive write up of the season. For those more visually oriented, He Who Propels the Cart Forward has prepared a chart for at-a-glance consultation. Instead I merely want to convey my plans regarding Fall 2010 anime viewing/blogging.

First the shows I’ll be blogging:

  1. Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge. The first season was very fun and I’m hoping this second season will deal directly with the lingering question of Nino’s background (mental stability).
  2. Hakuouki 2. Historical drama with fantasy extras. The Shinsengumi have retreated from Kyoto at the start of the Boshin War.
  3. Bakuman. I’ve been looking forward to this since Sapphire Pyro recommended it as a story about people pursuing a career.

These shows didn’t make the above list because three shows is enough, but did show potential:

  • Iron Man. Definitely will be reading reviews as they come out in hopes that this turns out well.
  • Kuragehime. I’m behind on my Noitamina series. I’m working on a Paradise Kiss review, and after that I want to pick up Tatami Galaxy again, so this one is going to have to wait.
  • Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru. I like the girl in love with mystery angle, but am burnt out on maid cafes.

Nino X Ric.

Arakawa under the Bridge‘s final episode … scratch that. The final episode of season one has aired. Yes! A second season has officially been announced. As some had previously guessed, this episode was dedicated to comedy, and barely touched on the deeper plot. As a result, Arakawa under the Bridge left me laughing, and looking forward to more.

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Sister doesn't just bake cookies.

This episode wrapped up the series about as much as you might expect. Due to Nino’s wish, or the intervention of a wandering samurai, or Papa Ichinomiya’s final acknowledgment of the legitimacy of Ric’s efforts, the village has been saved.

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Arakawa under the Bridge episode 11 features the various relationships, familial, business, political, and lover, that constitute Ric’s ties to the world. In the meantime the Village seems headed towards certain destruction, despite Ric’s every effort to save it.

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Sister thinks the Mayor is a great man, but WHY?

Episode 10 of Arakawa under the Bridge begins with a fire drill, and ends with a declaration from Nino. In between Ric will learn of the great respect that the mayor commands under the bridge, and of the plot his father has instigated to drive Ric from the village.

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Ric learns more about the village residents than he ever wanted to know.

Surprisingly, episode 9 of Arakawa under the Bridge delves into the backstory of several village residents. This episode also examines different ways of handling rejection by the one you love, and is pretty funny.

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Company picnic, or family outing?

Episode 8 of Arakawa under the Bridge explores Under-the-Bridge from the perspective of corporate culture, reminisces about Kou’s family relationships, and relates how Nino gave Recruit his first kiss. Also the animation in this episode shows Shinbou/SHAFT breaking out of their idioms on occasion.

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Ric-sensei senses the arrival of the banchou.

In episode 7 of Arakawa under the Bridge, a lesson in common sense is taught, and P-ko’s love for the mayor is revealed.

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The bullet-head twins suffer for our amusement.

Arakawa under the Bridge episode 6 features Recruit’s attempt to redeem himself, and counter his image as a “leech”. Unexpectedly, the result is more screen time for the bullet-head twins than ever before. Somehow Ric seems to learn something about the meaning of work in the process. This review intends to look at episode 6 through the lens of the ani-blogging community.

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The Mayor keeps the peace on the bank of the Arakawa River.

Episode 5 of Arakawa under the Bridge continues the story of Stella’s welcoming party. A couple of new characters are glimpsed, and a proper introduction is provided for P-ko-chan. Maria finds the most vicious way possible to compliment Recruit, and Recruit and Hoshi end up in a pissing match.

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