Valkyria Chronicles ED 2 (My Only Wish)

June 25, 2014


Largo taking out a tank in Valkyria Chronicles.

Largo taking out a tank in Valkyria Chronicles.

Although I don’t blog here a lot, I continue to enjoy Anime, and check in on the many great aniblogging sites that are out there. One of the sites I check often is LuRa’s Anime Blog. Lucretia and Raven (with the occasional help of some friends) blog about several shows, but they also have an ongoing Song of the Week series.  I love many things about anime, including the music, so I love checking out the song of the week, either to hear an old fave again, or to learn about something new.

I listen to a lot of anime and J-Pop as well, so I occasionally link to music videos in my Twitter stream, but the tenacity with which Lu and Ra keep posting on their blog, despite being busy with exams (and all things life) inspired me to put up a song here for y’all.

I selected the second ED to Valkyria Chronicles. This was a show based upon a game that I really enjoyed. It had some substance to the themes, lots of characters to whom I grew attached, and most of all some killer game-play. The series moved off the PS3, unfortunately, so I only ever got to play the first installment. The anime adaption was interesting, and the second ED provided that emotional space to digest some of the more intense things that occur.

The song is sung by Hikari Inoue, and is named “Hitotsu no Negai” (My only wish).

These very sad eyes reflect the sky,
without understanding those words,
I simply counted the stars.

I hope you enjoy it!

5 Responses to “Valkyria Chronicles ED 2 (My Only Wish)”

  1. Lucretia Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, and I always wondered about Valkyria Chronicles, not a military anime fan, so I never checked it out. But it surprises me that it has quite a pleasant and mellow ED. Good anime I take it? Would it be for someone who dislikes the military genre?

  2. Joojoobees Says:

    You deserved them!

    Good question about Valkyria and the military genre. It *definitely* is a military genre anime, but it has a lot going for it. I guess it might depend a bit on why you dislike the genre. The story has some very serious themes, especially related to racism.

    While it has comedic elements and a love story (multiple love stories, really), it has a very compelling dramatic story that is told against a backdrop of war. But it does have rifles and tanks, and people do die. It isn’t “dark”, but it certainly is tragic at times.

    If you do watch it, I hope you enjoy it.

    • Lucretia Says:

      I dunno actually, I guess the general military ‘look’ just doesn’t go well with my eyes, I think the last ‘military’ style one I attempted was sora no oto and that was probably the least serious and least dramatic of all military anime probably. Though my slight boredom of that anime was probably due to its lack of movement, but either way, I find it hard to watch mecha anime due to partially being that they tend to be military as well and me and robots also don’t mix.

      That said, could give this a look at and get an impression from the first episode or two. Or is that not enough time to give it?

      • Joojoobees Says:

        Valkyria has more plot than Sora no Oto, although they are similar in a weird way. The first episode or two probably give you a good idea of the general tone of the show.

        I would be interested in hearing your reaction!

      • Lucretia Says:

        I’ll let you know if I ever get the chance, but for now, I’ll focus on this season’s anime, if there’s not enough to interest me, then I’ll probably have a look at Valkyria Chronicles, wanna catch up with Conan now.

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