Spring 2014 ~ Abandoned Factory viewing list

April 2, 2014

The first episodes of the new anime viewing season are being aired over the next couple of weeks, so it is time for a site update. As I mentioned in my preview, I have just a couple of shows I’m interested in this season, with Ping Pong: the animation foremost amongst them. I also revealed that I am building an anime-blogging robot, named Alpha, to assist me with the reviews here at the Abandoned Factory, which means I will be able to pick up a couple more shows.

The final list for Spring 2014:

Title Premiering Blogger
Kindaichi R April 5 Alpha
No Game No Life April 9 Alpha
Escha to Logy April 10 Alpha
Insufficient Direction April 10 Joojoobees
Ping Pong April 10 Joojoobees
Mekaku City Actors April 12 Alpha

I added Mekaku City Actors, and No Game No Life, because I thought they would be good shows for Alpha to watch. Mekaku City Actors is a Shaft production, and No Game No Life is Madhouse, so despite the fact that I don’t think I could stand to sit through the subject matter, they might be interesting shows visually. Insufficient Direction is a late add; I just think the premise (living with Hideako Anno) is a funny one.

Shows listed as being covered by me (Joojoobees) will actually be covered by both of us.

I probably will post sporadically, and Alpha’s reviews will begin later in the season, since she is still under development, but is intended to provide context, not episodic impressions. That being said, I’ll probably post something as soon as I have it, as part of my process of bringing her perception and analytic faculties online.

Happy anime viewing everybody!

** Update April 6: moved Insufficient Direction to April 10, which seems to be the Tokyo premiere; I think the earlier date was a premiere station that has early access to certain shows.

4 Responses to “Spring 2014 ~ Abandoned Factory viewing list”

  1. Lucretia Says:

    No game no life is surprisingly good, still really need to watch Escha and Logy, you liking it so far? And also I don’t get Mekakucity actors at all..

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I am waiting for episode 3 to form opinions, but the first episode of Escha & Logy was very Atelier. I’m not sure how well it will go over with a crowd that isn’t familiar with the franchise.

      • Lucretia Says:

        I think I see what you mean, just managed to see the first episode, it’s nice and warm. But yeah, if you’re not familiar with atelier, it’s probably not something that would appeal to most people. In essense it’s just a fantasy slice of life sorta anime, though I guess it depends on how the plot goes. Never played the game, but I hear it can be more slice of life or more RPG depending on which character you choose.

      • Joojoobees Says:

        I never played this one (E&L), but the one I did play (Ayesha) had a decent motivating storyline: trying to rescue the sister and also demonstrate that she was worthy to the mentor figure who could be a real jerk at times. It had a lot of stuff about interpersonal relationships, and how you handle things, like pushy people, or people who have no motivation, etc. I would like to see a few episodes to see how the plot develops.

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