Chihayafuru s2 e24 (final) ~ I can only wait for a dream or a miracle

June 30, 2013

Chihaya Ayase listens to Kanade Oe's lecture.

Chihaya Ayase listens to Kanade Oe’s lecture.

And thus season 2 of Chihayafuru comes to a close. This episode went very differently than I had anticipated. There little time was spent on reflections upon Mizusawa’s victories. Instead a lot of time was devoted to Chihaya’s injury, which turns out to be a serious condition requiring an operation and hospitalization. There was also some unexpected romantic development. In perhaps the most surprising development, however, Chihaya and Taichi get invited to the Fujisaki training camp by Coach Sakarazawa.

There is no doubt in my mind that the producers want to deliver a third season. They left things just as Taichi and Chihaya were about to enter the Fujisaki training camp. It is like saying, “the story doesn’t end here!” I was desperate, at the end of the first season, for a second season announcement, and couldn’t believe my good fortune when it came. Am I pushing my luck to ask for a third season now?

Bonus Service: Chihaya Ayase

Chihaya in hospital gown and hand cast.

Chihaya in hospital gown and hand cast.

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  1. annecelestine Says:

    there has to be a third season!!! there’s so much happening in the manga already that has to be put into anime. plus, the ending is such a cliffhanger, it would be such a lackluster ending if they would just leave it at that. just a cliffhanger!

    and they have to let arata shine coz season 3 has to be about him. ahahaha!

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