Red Data Girl (first thoughts ~ preview episode)

March 17, 2013

Izumiko, the shrine temple maiden cuts her hair.

Izumiko, the shrine temple maiden cuts her hair.

Just a quick comment on the preview episode of Red Data Girl. As I mentioned in my Spring 2013 season preview post, RDG, or Red Data Girl looks promising. P.A. Works is quite capable of making a quality visual experience, and even this preview that was posted in a low-quality format online is evidence of that. With Hanasaku Iroha, they also demonstrated that they can establish a great setting. The basic setting here seems well thought out, and the basic idea is intriguing, if not extremely original (shrine temple maiden lives sheltered life, then discovers she has special powers). I liked the way they mix technology in with her miko powers.

This was just a first episode, but I think things are off to a good start. I don’t know if RDG can deliver an interesting story, but I’ll certainly give it three or more episodes to make it’s case.

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  1. foshizzel Says:

    I am curious to see how they explain her odd powers! I was thinking that her father died and she can use tech to communicate with the dead, but if she stays to long in that “world” the spirits can jump to the world of the living? Then again I have no freaking idea what they are doing ahah

    I got a bit of Inu x Boku SS vibes from this series based on the whole servant / master thing, but the guy is not excited at all to be working with the shrine girl…

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I can’t remember the name of the show, ATM, but there was a show about a season back in which a girl finds out she has inherited temple maiden powers, and some guys have to protect her from bad guys. This one is off to a much better start, however.

      As for her powers, I wonder what is going on there as well. It can’t be just technology related, because then they couldn’t have had them in the olden days.

      • foshizzel Says:

        Yeah I think I know what series you are talking about, but I can’t really remember…I would say some anime based off an Otome game? That seems to be the easiest thing that I can think of right now xD

        True! I don’t think that power is all tech related, but who knows I guess this is a case of “we need more episodes” before we know the whole story! I just hope they don’t spend weeks and weeks unlocking the mystery >.<

      • Joojoobees Says:

        That was it. Fairly un-memorable, although I dropped it after about 4 episodes, so maybe someone who really watched it should comment. Anyway, this isn’t a particularly original concept, but so far it looks like they are doing a good job, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

  2. I am very much looking forward to this. I wanted to look at the pre-airs, but don’t mind waiting until the 4th. Sort of odd though that they would release three episodes of it already.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It turned out to be a mini-story that gives you a feel for what the world is like, and some insight into the main character, but takes place before what looks like the main show show begins. Actually did a good job of getting me interested in watching the series, although I was intrigued enough to watch it before seeing the webcast.

      • Oh, so it is like an prologue of sorts? Makes sense. I wanted to myself, but might was well wait for it, since it is only a day away and wanted to see it in the best quality possible.

      • Joojoobees Says:

        Yes, like a prologue. I bet it will look great in full resolution; I plan to rematch it when the real broadcast begins so I can get the complete experience.

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