Inu x Boku SS 8 ~ If necessary, I could speak of my love until the night turns to dawn

March 3, 2012

Ririchiyo REALLY enjoyed the Steins;Gate OVA. Maybe a little too much.

I hadn’t been planning to write again this quickly about Inu X Boku SS (Me and My Dog – Secret Service). Frankly this show moves slowly, regardless, I think it has a nice story at its core. The story, as I said in my first post on InuBoku, is one of two broken people coming together, and that “by coming together they both are offered healing and an escape from the separate hells they find themselves in”. Up to now, however, the show has focussed on Ririchiyo’s problem, and her efforts to overcome it. Yes. I said, “up to now”.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin: "As usual, I can only interact with others in a distorted way."

This episode once again seemed like it was slowly exploring Ririchiyo’s frustrated desire to connect honestly with another person, specifically Soushi Miketsukami. This time Ririchiyo realizes that has she never shared food with Soushi, and she wishes to make some coffee for him. She agonizes over how to ask him to have coffee with her, and then chickens out repeatedly, instead of delivering her speech. Finally (or so it seemed) the ending credits rolled — the same ED as was showed in the third episode, which featured Ririchiyo being alone.

Soushi Miketsukami

Unexpectedly after the ED Ririchiyo calls Soushi out under the night sky and asks him to have coffee with her, but more than that, she manages to crack his nut. A lot of people have been saying that they dislike this show because they don’t think it is funny or cute that Soushi always likens himself to a dog. They say that is a sick fantasy or whatnot. I, however, have maintained from the beginning that this was more an indication of Soushi’s own social awkwardness and psychological problems. Soushi uses his self-debasement similarly to how Ririchiyo uses her TsunTsun act. Neither of them knows how to honestly connect with other people, so they keep retreating to behavior that distances others. This was finally admitted straight up by Soushi, which is a great first step for him to find a way to be honest with another person.

Again, as I said in my first post on InuBoku, this show “has the makings of a love story with gravitas … there is a profound reason that the two must be together. They are both broken people.”

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  1. David A. Young Says:

    This is a patently absurd show. Nothing much ever happens in it. Many of the characters are too over the top to be even half-way believable. (A RUG? Really?) Even the setting is kind of absurd: there are evidently, what…a dozen people in this whole big building?

    And yet I watch it every week, and inevitably find myself smiling at this mess of a show. I’d hate to have to argue WHY it’s a good series — yet I think it is. In the final analysis, it just seems to have a good heart.

    This is another show that I don’t think will have a “real” ending to it, but I hope we get at least a little info on Soushi’s mysterious background, and that the two of them manage to connect a little better with each other in the few episodes remaining.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      “In the final analysis, it just seems to have a good heart.”

      I agree. It actually is kind of sweet underneath it all. On the other hand, yes, it has a crazy premise, but this is anime, so … we get that a lot, don’t we.

      The great thing about it, to me, is that we have two fairly unusual main characters, and there’s a good story to be told about them. Soushi is definitely an unusual character — he sure isn’t the typical wimpy romantic lead, even though he talks down about himself constantly. And Chiyo-chan is a very unusual tsundere, because she is actively struggling to rid herself of her tsuntsun exterior. The story of these two helping each other to grow as people is an awesome idea for a story.

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