Phi Brain 15 ~ the red moon and the blue sun

January 19, 2012

Rook's buried memories are uncovered.

Phi Brain episode 15 is lighter in tone than recent episodes have been. POG is still willing to kill to get Kaito to achieve the Phi Brain in preparation for solving God’s Puzzle, but Ana Gram doesn’t take what others say too seriously. Despite Kaito’s angst over his handling by the person he thought was his friend, Ana manages to keep things amusing.

When friendship goes bad. Kaito Daimon X Rook Banjo Crossfield.

Luke wants Kaito for himself, so he has his subordinates threaten Kaito’s friends to leave him. In Phi Brain this means one thing: Puzzle time is about to begin! Kaito, however, doesn’t want to belong to Luke, and he doesn’t like the way Luke is treating his friends.

This week's Giver. She doesn't get much respect.

This week the POG target is Ana Gram. A puzzle is sent to him to lure him out to the “Great Henge”. This ends up being a frustrating experience for the Giver, as Ana doesn’t bother listening to the instructions and manages to have a grand time anyway.

Ana Gram skipping through Great Henge.

Despite being told that his life is in danger, Ana is carefree. He solves the puzzle without giving it much thought, and is less concerned with the puzzle itself, than the voice of distant memories. It was at this place that Kaito and Luke were forced apart 10 years ago. Ana finds proof that Luke’s intentions at that time were sincere. It was his rough treatment as a prisoner of the POG that has turned him into the Luke of today.

Okabe. Cubic's invention.

Just as Ana solves the puzzle, thus ensuring his safety, Cubic and Gammon arrive with the mistaken assumption that they need to save him. Cubic causes Okabe (I didn’t know he had a name) to transform, and sends him into the Great Henge maze. This causes it to collapse. Fortunately Ana is fine.

Kaito X Rook. Kaito rages that Luke's promises were all lies. A puzzle from the past will shock them both.

Now that Ana has discovered the puzzle that ties them together, what will become of Kaito and Rook? Will Kaito be able to rehabilitate Rook, who was clearly manipulated by years of POG indoctrination?

Next episode looks like it will take place in Venice, and be a Gammon-focused episode. I can’t wait for puzzle time to begin!

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