Bakuman season 2 episode 6 ~ you can’t draw manga if you’re dead

November 6, 2011

Mashiro would rather die than give up on his dream.

Shounen powers ACTIVATE! Episode 6 of Bakuman’s second season brings us perhaps the most shounen episode of this franchise yet. Mashiro has collapsed from the strain, and for some reason the quack doctor thinks removing part of his liver will help. Mashiro refuses to stop drawing, however. Even if it kills him, even if he loses the love of his life, he will continue to draw manga. In particular he is working on a color spread, which gives us another chance to check out his art tools — this time some nice color markers.

Mashiro uses some fine color markers.

Mashiro uses Copic Sketch markers. These are very nice color markers that have two tips: one is thin, for detail work, and the other is a broad, chiseled tip, for filling.

Mashiro is very happy that he has such nice markers.

Here we can see Mashiro uncapping the thin-tip side, also known as the brush side. This side has a nib that is not just thin, but long and flexible, like a brush, which gives its user the ability to dynamically control the width of the stroke. it allows for more painterly applications.

I’m a little jealous. As you can see in the second screen shot above, Mashio has a nice set of Sketch markers (probably intended to be the 72 marker set). I used to own some Copic Sketch markers, but I could only afford 4. 😛

So, is Mashiro going to live? Who cares when you have such nice Art materials, right?

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  1. Justin Says:

    I care! I care!

  2. LOLz, enjoying the episode because of the art materials xD

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