Mawaru Penguin Drum 11 ~ Cry, monkey bitch

September 26, 2011

Women who paint are hot as hell.

Just some quick comments on the latest stunning episode of Mawaru Penguin Drum.

Penguins who paint? Not hot at all.

Episode 11 is carved into two halves. One regards Kanba’s confrontation with Masako Natsume, the other is centered on Ringo, and her interactions with Shouma, Tabuki, Yuki, and Himari. Ringo’s interactions are significant, first because she seems to have been deeply affected by Shouma, and his conviction that she should lead her own life (not the life that Momoka wanted to live), and second because Shouma is about to confess something at the episode conclusion; he and his brother, Shouma claims, are responsible for Momoka’s death (and presumably all the Sarin gas deaths in 1995). A shocking revelation, but why he believes this is left for next week.

Women who paint, even crazy stalker chicks, are definitely hot.

Meanwhile Masako demonstrates that all of Ringo’s crazy stalker behavior was merely minor league. She sits in her room painting Kanba (who she calls her “prey”), and even accepts his rejection of her as part of the game — making him worthy of her deranged stalker behavior. She also reveals to Kanba that there is a second penguin hat, and she remarks after Kanba leaves that he doesn’t know she only has half of the diary yet. This means that there is at least one other faction aware of the Penguin Drum.

Another enjoyable episode, and more food for thought, but the significance of everything from the survival hats to the diary remains as elusive as ever.

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