Tiger and Bunny 25 (final) ~ power to the future

September 18, 2011

And finally the greatest mystery is revealed ...

Episode 25 of Tiger & Bunny finally reveals what we have been waiting to find out … As you can see on the TV screen above, the name of the director with all that hair is Cain Morris. I can already hear the anguished cries, “now that the series is over, is it possible there will be a second season, so we can see Cain in action once again”? I haven’t seen any announcements, but this episode made it clear that, even though Hero TV has been reduced to only six heroes, there is interest in the adventures of the second league heroes. Further, as was widely speculated, Ouroboros is by no means shut down.

Agnes and Cain to the rescue!

The greatest moment of the episode had to be the unexpected appearance of Agnes Joubert, and Cain Morris, the producer and director, respectively, of Hero TV. I honestly wasn’t sure how they were going to resolve the problem of Maverick’s abilities. Would Kaede clone his powers again? Would Lunatic make an appearance? Imagine my surprise when Agnes announced that she was broadcasting the revelations about Maverick’s sins live to the whole city. And check that screen shot out: Cain isn’t just a director, he knows how to fly a helicopter! Talk about a BAMF!

I'm not sure I would call this a surprise, but: money is evil.

I guess Ouroboros is even more powerful than we thought, because they have their symbol secretly printed on all the money. The cool thing about this is that it places Ouroboros alongside other secret societies that have placed their symbols on currency, like the Freemasons. On the other hand, I’m a little disappointed, because I think the original critique of commercialism and Kotetsu’s struggles with everyday problems was a more radical perspective for a superhero show to take. Clearly this is a setup for a second season, but it seems any second season will be more of a traditional superhero show.

I did enjoy Tiger & Bunny. It had some excellent visual design ideas. Occasionally the use of color was stunning (for example the scene in this episode in which Lunatic dispenses some of his Rick Perry style justice). Plus Sunrise really knows how to make good use of computer generated graphics, especially when characters are wearing body armor. There was good use of humor throughout the series. Kotetsu was a great character, who was both admirable and seriously flawed. Cain had awesome hair. I feel pretty happy with the main thrust of the show, which, for me was really Kotetsu’s struggle to stay true to his notion of what a hero is, despite the struggles of home and work, and the disregard he received from the public. Addressing Kotetsu’s struggles right up to the concluding moments, produced a satisfying ending.

6 Responses to “Tiger and Bunny 25 (final) ~ power to the future”

  1. Bonehimer Says:

    At first I wasn’t down with Kotetsu still being a hero but that last little speech he gives to Barnaby really turned it around. Was a nice way to ended it.

    Also, Cain reminds me of the April from TMNT, with working on tv and that bright yellow jacket.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, the comment about not being able to set your own limits was very cool. Especially because his point was that he would continue to do what he could, despite knowing he was limited.

  2. Mushyrulez Says:

    I thought Cain’s name was Orlando Cooper…

    Damn, I was going to make a post about how awesome he (and that other cute girl) was, but you beat me to it so now if I post that post, I’ll be unoriginal and shit 😦

    Perhaps the second season might concentrate more on stuff like that, with Ouroboros being a big government agency and all that, instead of traditional superhero antics, but it’ll undoubtedly devolve into that when either the directors runs out of ideas or they realize that they’re going to make a shitload more money if they made it traditional.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Ha ha ha! I swept in like a Ninja. That will learn ya. There is no sleeping in the cut-throat world of aniblogging.

      I’m worried that season two (assuming it happens) will suck. I would rather them end it now, than release an ill-conceived second season.

  3. Kuuki Says:

    Actually, the Ouroboros symbol on the bill appeared far, faaar back during episode 4, I think?
    Which is why I’m incredibly frustrated.
    See, since then I’m thinking they’re controlling the city and such, and since then, no new things to back up my theories.
    I’m frustrated.

    Well, I still loved the show very, very, very much!

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It was definitely a fun watch. I think it could have been better, but it certainly is entertaining, and better than most shows, so I’m pretty satisfied.

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