Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 7 ~ dat kiss

August 17, 2011

Get used to it, Claude.

Episode 7 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée (Crossings in a foreign labyrinth) involves several characters that have different perspectives of Yune. Yune learns a bit about the French custom of kissing, and there’s a bit of drama with accusations and regrets.

Alice appears to show off the depth of her knowledge of Japanese culture.

Yune spots the little thief from a previous episode and asks him to never steal again. Claude sees her talking with him, and scolds her. Alice shows up and scolds Claude for scolding poor little Yune. On the one hand, you can say Alice acts out of self-interest, since she makes a point of asking Yune to leave Claude, and move in with her. On the other hand, Claude was acting like a bit of a jerk. Even if he had a point, he could have been nicer about it.  In the end, I fully support Alice’s declaration to Claude that, “As long as you keep bullying Yune, I will always appear”!

Gramps, that is Oscar, is the only one who notices that Yune is feeling unwell.

I don’t know if it is his many years of womanizing, but Oscar is the only one paying enough attention to Yune to actually notice she is sick. Unfortunately Yune denies it, until it is too late, and collapses later in the episode.

Dat kiss, part 1. Alice demonstrates that she is the most intimate of Yune's companions.

Alice gives Yune a farewell kiss on the cheek, and Yune over-reacts. As Oscar explains, cheek kissing is not a Japanese custom. Alice is clever enough to realize that Yune being uncomfortable about it means that the men Yune is living with have not demonstrated this particular display of affection.

Dat kiss, part 2. When Claude sees Yune kissing the little thief, he freaks out.

I think it is quite possible that part of Claude’s anger was jealousy. His accusations are completely unwarranted, however, as Yune is simply trying to be kind to a fellow human being. The fact that Yune can see the little thief as a fellow human being, and Claude can’t speaks volumes about their relative maturity. Despite her small size, Yune is clearly the bigger person.

Alice Blanche's servants. I feel so sorry for these people.

Yune falls sick, and Claude swallows his pride. He runs to the Blanche household and asks Alice to send a doctor, after Oscar’s attempt to get one from the public hospital fails. He also gets a recipe for porridge from Alice so he can make a traditional meal for Yune. He then redeems himself somewhat by picking up the flowers that the little thief left for Yune and bringing them to her. She is justifiably happy as she can tell that he didn’t steal them, but rather picked them himself, and thus has listened to her request that he stop stealing. Finally Claude provides “dat kiss” part 3, and affirms that Yune has been fully welcomed into the household as a part of his family.

As usual this was a heartwarming little story that served to highlight the different attitudes and customs between the two culture. Alice, the poor dear, is often the butt of jokes. Whereas Claude can be dismissive of Yune’s ideas and customs, Alice is somewhat unthinking in her appreciation.

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