Blood-C 5 ~ a spooky story

August 5, 2011

As usual, this episode had a pretty interesting fight, but it also had so much more.

Episode 5 continues the deterioration between the night and day worlds Blood-C has depicted. While the earliest episodes stressed normalcy (to a suspicious extent) during the day, and stressed bloody supernatural battles at night, the two worlds are colliding in unexpected ways.

Saya and Fumito in a tender moment.

The people in town seem to really enjoy touching Saya. Well, there is one woman who runs away screaming rather than touch her, but in addition to Fumito, and her dad, and Shinichirou Tokizane, and Nono and Nene, even Yuuka was putting the moves on her — and that is just from this episode. Seriously, I considered Yuuka as pretty harmless, but in this episode she becomes yet another person who tells Saya that if anything happens she should tell her about it. I don’t know if this is just masterful misdirection, but every named character that we have met seems suspicious.

Anyways, Saya is having some problems. She isn’t acting like her normal daytime self (she doesn’t sing at all this episode). She is having headaches, strange visions, and even blacking out. Fumito acts even more suspicious than usual, because he gives her some of his special coffee, and she “falls asleep”. It is difficult to believe he isn’t doping that stuff with something.

Proposition accepted, sensei.

I mentioned above that the distinction between the day and night are breaking down. One of the first examples is that, at the end of the fight with the eyeball creature you can see in the screenshot at the top of the page, Saya notices that the puppy she has been trying to cuddle with during daytime scenes, is watching her. In another example, Kanako Tsutsutori, Saya’s teacher, tells a ghost story about the town in which they live, describing it as being inhabited by monsters that feast on humans, and saying that the humans were able to talk to some of them. This story strikes so close to Saya’s nighttime activities that she blacks out.

Saya starts looking through the texts in the shrine's library for herself.

Later Saya looks at some texts in her father’s library. She remarks that something isn’t right. I completely approve of her doing independent research, and YES, she is right, that something strange is going on. For one thing, most of us don’t have to protect the town they live in by fighting monsters every night. I’m guessing, however, that she is bothered because the Elder Bairns claim there is a covenant that has been broken. Neither the story that Tsutsutori-sensei, nor anything her father has described, includes any mention of a covenant.

Nene gets what she asked for.

Nene visits the temple to apologize for getting the teacher to tell a scary story, and jokes that if something bad were to happen, it should happen to her. With impeccable timing a monster erupts from the ground behind her. This is a really interesting development for a couple of reasons. First, this is the first time that a monster has appeared in the daytime. Also, keeping Nene safe from it, will mean Saya has to fight in front of one of her classmates. The wall that separated Saya’s daytime personality and her nighttime personality has finally been shaken. This is also the first true cliff-hanger, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out how Saya handles the appearance of this monster.

10 Responses to “Blood-C 5 ~ a spooky story”

  1. Justin Says:

    Why did you take so long to get interesting Blood C? Why? I knew this going to happen. I knew it!

    • Joojoobees Says:

      My theory is that they were trying to introduce us to various characters in their disguised form, and they will turn out to be something very different from the slice of life in the first two episodes.

  2. daRAT Says:

    By the second episode I believe I have the plot figured out.

    1) Saya is half human half Elder, created by the humans to break the ‘Covenant’.
    2) The coffee is her ‘special’ coffee (as we heard, just for her), this has drugs to keep her from remembering the past.
    3) Why not let her remember, that I haven’t figured out.
    4) Several characters in this show are obviously there to keep an eye on Saya.


    • Joojoobees Says:

      Well, that all sounds plausible to me. I can’t figure out the motivations behind the townsfolk, though. I mean, if they are just trying to stay alive, moving to a different town would be a lot easier than creating an elaborate ruse, and breeding half-human schoolgirls.

  3. foshizzel Says:

    Lmao Nene almost got killed! Seriously how awesome would that have been if Nene stood there for a moment and fell in two? Anyway yeahhhh things are starting to get really fun for Saya well by fun I mean progression? It does seem like that cafe Saya loves has some dark secrets. I think the food she eats there is effecting her memories or blocking certain ones.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, I think it is getting pretty good. Nene might die yet. I kind of hope not, because I think it would be interesting to see the reaction of her school friends to finding out she can fight monsters.

  4. Sammy Says:

    Finally! The story is starting to move forward. Looking forward the to the next episode. Looking at the preview of the next episode, I feel as if though Nene gets killed or that she is a monster too. Hmm…

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It should be pretty interesting to see how it develops from here. Nene a monster? That’s mean! A bit loud and annoying, perhaps, but monster is taking it too far.

      • Sammy Says:

        Hahaha no, I didn’t mean it’s because of her character her anything. I just have this suspicion that half of the towns people are those monsters in disguise. I mean the story is by CLAMP and as much as I love them, they have the tendency to twist the plot line.

      • Joojoobees Says:

        Well, that’s certainly a possibility. I don’t think everyone is what they appear to be either. I guess it is possible that Nene was luring Saya out, and Nono is the actual monster we see. It is pretty odd that they aren’t together. Now that we have a daytime siting, and one of the classmates are involved, I think the revelations are going to start coming one after another.

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