Kaiji Season 2 episode 18 ~ fit to exploit and steal

August 4, 2011

Kaiji crashes through the gate.

Another great episode of Kaiji! In episode 18, Kaiji crashes through the gate set up by Ichijou, that is the block.

In a flashback, secrets are finally revealed.

I happen to like “caper” movies. Often these are planned criminal operations, such as a bank heist. Kaiji usually includes some episodes that are like a “caper” movie, even though most of it is a psychological battle. Kaiji again uses his meticulous planning (and capacity for audacity) to change the odds in his favor. This time we get to see a flashback to the conversation with Endou, in which Kaiji explains his plan. We have already seen some of it acted out, but now the true significance of the actions seen is revealed. As is typical of Kaiji’s plans, psychological tactics are essential.

Chairman Hyoudou enjoys a glass of wine, while telling Ichijou that the price for failure is death.

Ichijou: not very bishie now, are we?

Ichijou is screwed. Chairman Hyoudou calls to tell him he can not prevent Kaiji from playing pachinko on the Bog. It really is Ichijou’s fault, because he did such a clumsy job of cheating that everyone knows something is wrong. In a sense, the best thing for the Teiai corporation is for Kaiji to win, because it will restore trust in the fairness of their games, else the steady stream of profits from fleecing customers might dry up. Unfortunately for Ichijou, Hyoudou will have him killed as punishment.

Now the battle between Kaiji and the Bog (or between Kaiji and Ichijou) comes down to the “three plates”. Ichijou, probably panicking, decides to distort the properties of the plates further. This is a barely discussed factor in the way the Bog is designed. We previously saw that the plates must be designed so that balls are subtly pushed away from dropping in the critical hole, but this is the first time we have seen some indication that the plates can be dynamically altered. Ichijou has one of his henchmen increase the distortion of the plates so that balls are prevented from dropping in the critical holes. Does Kaiji have a plan for the plates? Does he have any idea about the way they work? Conversely, will Ichijou’s panicked decision to increase the plate interference backfire? We shall have to wait and see.

4 Responses to “Kaiji Season 2 episode 18 ~ fit to exploit and steal”

  1. bonehimer Says:

    I hope Ichijou sheds delicious tears.

  2. Mad Chemist Says:

    That call between Hyoudou and Ichijou was great. Hyoudou showed us why he’s the main villain of the series, why Kaiji’s plan probably wouldn’t have worked against him and why there’s no other option for him but to stay in Kaiji’s trap, and it was awesome. And after everything Ichijou has done so far, it was nice watching him stew for a bit.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I completely agree. Ichijou thinks he is a bad ass, but really he is an underling. Hyoudou would have him crawling on the floor, and drinking out of a bowl in minutes.

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