Cardfight Vanguard 28 ~ the blowing of a slight breeze

July 24, 2011

Elaine takes one for the team.

Episode 28 finishes team Q4’s first round in the qualifiers for the National Champion Tournament. Sadly, this was a pretty depressing episode. In short, the team from Card Capitol is starting out in a bad position.

The winning Jurassic Army salutes their opponents for a valiant effort.

Unfortunately both Aichi and Misaki fall to the Jurassic Army. As such Kai doesn’t even get a chance to play. Shin, encourages Aichi and Misaki by saying that the teams were clearly evenly matched, because both matches were decided by a bit of luck (heal triggers). Team Q4 is now decidedly the underdogs. From now on they are fighting with a loss on their record. Somehow they need to win both remaining matches in the qualifier (which means beating Foo Fighter, last year’s champs), and even then, they aren’t guaranteed a place on the second day, as several teams might have two wins, requiring a judgement.

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