Kaiji season 2 episode 15 – loss, pain, sacrifice

July 15, 2011

Wrong on so many levels.

Kaiji Season 2 continues! Apparently episode 14 was a recap episode, so we get moving again with episode 15. Here Kaiji’s plan to take on the Bog is set into motion. Sakazaki, as you can see in the screenshot above, enters the casino dressed as a buddhist monk, declaring that “his mind is clear”, and sits down at the Bog. This episode involved misdirection on many levels, as well as some grisly violence.

Inserting needles under the fingernail.

Sakazaki makes a big show of having Buddha’s grace, and attracts the attention of the casino manager and his guards. He loses his money quickly, and then starts screaming that the machine is rigged. He then uses the statue of Buddha to smash the Bog, but before the guards can haul him away, he lights a fuse on a stick of what looks like explosives hidden inside of the statue. All of this was pretty entertaining, but the manager realizes this is just a distraction, and hurries back to the office, where he catches Kaiji, and punishes him with a torture device.

Kaiji isn't done yet.

The Bog is fixed, and Kaiji’s days are almost up, when he enters the casino again. With only a few hours of freedom left, he tries once more to defeat the man-eating Bog.

I liked the crazy act of Sakazaki in a monk’s outfit. Surely Kaiji knew that Sakazaki wouldn’t keep them busy for long, so I can only assume he knew he would be caught in the office, and was willing to take the painful consequences as part of his plan. I still don’t know what Kaiji has planned, but hope it is good enough to justify the sacrifice he made by suffering through Ichijou’s brutal punishment.

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  1. Mad Chemist Says:

    I also have to wonder if Kaiji thought his plan to get the casino’s money could work, or if he wanted something else in the room. I’m guessing the later, since we didn’t see much of Endou this episode despite the planning they did together. Either way, that torture device looked really painful. If Kaiji had a feeling things were going to go south for him and expecting any kind of beating like that he’s a braver man than I.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      He went through some pretty bad stuff in season one, so I think he might have known this would happen all along. Anyways a snatch and run operation doesn’t sound like his style at all.

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