Tiger and Bunny 7 – code of justice

May 15, 2011

Not really.

Episode 7 of Tiger and Bunny gives us our formal introduction of Lunatic, a little comedy, and Action, Action, Action.

That's one unhappy bunny.

We start off with Bunny-chan enraged that his chance to get information on Ouroboros was lost. While he takes it out on Wild Tiger, he lets slip that Ouroboros killed his parents. Fire Emblem tracks down an old newspaper account of the tragic event. Bunny uncharacteristically calls in sick, and Tiger is set up with Blue Rose for a charity show, in which she takes every opportunity to steal the spotlight.

Our first clear look at Lunatic.

Finally, a raid on a crime syndicate’s headquarters goes horribly wrong, when the mysterious Next reappears. Psgels makes an excellent point:

This episode toyed with what [Lunatic’s] intentions might be. If his intentions are to pull a Light and to indiscriminately kill all bad guys, then his murders in the prisons don’t make any sense: they’re way too selective. While at the same time if he meant to silence people, then his actions seem way too random.

Whatever his deal is, Lunatic is being built up in a most excellent fashion. Not only does he have some sort of ambiguous connection to Bunny’s tragic past, his vigilante justice directly contradicts Tiger’s sense of morality, he seems to be very powerful, and he also comes across as a freak (an excellent quality in a villain).


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that this episode has some quality action scenes. Bunny’s chase and fight with Lunatic were very exciting. There was a lot of irregular motion and unusual camera angles that helped convey the sense of speed and chaos. Meanwhile the majority of the heroes were struggling to save a group of uncooperative criminals from Lunatic’s torching of their hideout. This was a solid episode, if mostly traditional in it’s interpretation of the superhero genre.

4 Responses to “Tiger and Bunny 7 – code of justice”

  1. Ginnodangan Says:

    Lunatic only gets more interesting, his actions/fighting style are not only chaotic but he also follows his own idea of what justice is. Which kind of serves to ask that question of whether the bad guys really should be saved at the end of the day.

    Also Masakazu Morita really did a great job, you could really feel Bunny’s rage and pain in this episode.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, despite my feelings on the whole vigilante question, it is hard to not sympathize with the guy. He finally gets a lead after years and then poof it’s gone.

      I like the fact that Lunatic is messing with them on multiple levels. Not only is he a powerful Next enemy, he also is able to get close to them in his secret identity.

  2. Hana Says:

    he seems to be very powerful, and he also comes across as a freak (an excellent quality in a villain).

    Lol – agreed. It may seem fairly traditional in that respect, but nothing wrong with that, of course. A very consistent and fun show so far, so I’ll look forward to more of/ about it. 😀

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