Moshidora 7 – I have a bad feeling about this

May 4, 2011

Uh oh. This scene has me thinking something bad is gonna happen.

Moshidora 7 included some baseball action, and what seemed like foreshadowing of a sad event. Minami also opined on results versus process.

Something bad is gonna happen; I just know it.

The hospital scenes in this episode disturbed me. There were a few reasons, but mostly it seemed that Yuuki was trying to thank Minami before she dies. Yes, I said it. The exchange between Minami and Yuuki had me thinking Yuuki is going to die. When the scene faded to black on Yuuki’s hands holding the phone, my jaw dropped. They can’t really be doing this can they? Get better Yuuki!

An improbable, but heartwarming moment.

I’m not sure you can get everyone together to sing like that without having planned and practiced, but it was a pretty cool scene, nonetheless. The team is giving it their all, and Minami is focused on “results”. I understood her point about her responsibility as a manager, but as she was giving that speech, I was wondering how Yuuki would feel, assuming she realizes that she is dying. How difficult it would be to hear that the process is meaningless without showing results. What has Yuuki accomplished in her short life? Instead Minami got the results Yuuki couldn’t. Does that make Yuuki a failure? I know Minami didn’t mean to hurt her friend, but words can hurt even when you don’t mean them to. I hope Yuuki doesn’t die.

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