Hyouge Mono OP band Cro-Magnon broken up

May 4, 2011

I just noticed this on ANN:

Cro-Magnon, the group credited with co-composing the musical soundtrack of Hyouge Mono with Kou Outani announced  on Monday that they were breaking up. The bassist, Tsuyoshi Kosuga, had been arrested over the weekend for possession of marijuana.

There had been a lot of positive chatter in the ani-blogiverse about the OP and ED to Hyouge Mono, which featured the band’s relaxed jazzy vibe. As we all know, there is nothing important going on in Japan, so busting musicians for smoking pot will keep the world safe from more music like this:

3 Responses to “Hyouge Mono OP band Cro-Magnon broken up”

  1. vonpost Says:

    A band breaking up for the possesion of MJ? Only in Japan.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      There might be other places, but it is IMO really dumb. Society in general, and Japan in particular, has better things to do with their resources. Instead they investigate, prosecute, incarcerate, and publicly humiliate musicians, athletes, and others for getting high — on Maryjane (getting drunk on alcohol is no problem, it seems).

  2. […] the band Cro-Magnon broke up because they accidentally nuked the world. Because of this, the producers had to come up with a […]

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