Moshidora 6 – not the maximum, but the optimum

May 3, 2011

A girl reading a book. Let's face it, at its heart, that is what this series is all about.

Episode 6 of Moshidora (What if a female manager of a high school baseball team read Drucker’s Management?) starts the final half of the series, and we see the team making what appear to be final preparations for the coming run at the national championship.

Music makes everything better.

One great moment this week was when the team was surprised by the sound of a brass band playing the series OP. The OP is a decent song, so it was quite noticeable, and it was interesting to hear it re-arranged for a brass band. It supposedly gave the team enthusiasm, and I could see why. It surely will add to the intensity of the coming games.

They really look like children here, don't they?

The emotional peak of the episode, though was when they told Nikai he had to change his shirt announced the new starting lineup. It was nicely done, in that it tied together elements going all the way back to episodes one and two. I new Minami’s “market research” was going to be put to more serious use than to show off her crappy cooking skills!

Let the games begin!

3 Responses to “Moshidora 6 – not the maximum, but the optimum”

  1. deluge Says:

    Oh no, this anime is only 12 episodes? 😦 Where are the good old days when all anime were 25 episodes long?

    What I love the most about this anime is the joint practices of various groups. It always brings more energy and helps both sides in ways they could never have achieved in their own practice. People definitely work harder when someone, anyone, is watching, and it’s sure nice to show off the fruits of your practice. Makes me want to apply it to my life too, but I just can’t think of anything it would apply to in my situation in grad school XD

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Actually only 10 episodes! I assume Prodution I.G. knows what they are doing, though. Besides, a movie adaptation is coming this Summer, so someone else thinks they can tell this story in only a couple of hours!

      • deluge Says:

        10??? Considering it’s supposed to be the story of how they made it to the nationals, they must play a huge amount of games in the last 2 episodes 😀 Or they just abruptly end it at some point and go, well, this~ is how we made it to the nationals. Although I guess maybe they make it to the nationals and lose right off the bat (no pun intended). That would be pretty stupid though 😀

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