Kaiji S2 episode 4 – hell within a hell

May 3, 2011

Losers amongst losers find themselves despairing in the pits of Hell.

Season 2 of Kaiji, episode 4 sees Kaiji’s growing realization of just how bad a situation he has gotten himself into.

And you thought your healthcare plan was bad ...

After having gambled himself into even more debt, Kaiji struggles with desire. He lacks self-control, and continues to squander his money on food and drink, thinking he will have to work for 15 years to get out of the slave camp. When one of his coworkers falls ill, he discovers the medical center does not accommodate those who can’t afford expensive treatment. Kaiji realizes that 15 years of hard work won’t free him; it will only break him, and he will be left unattended, and writhing in agony. Further, a fellow prisoner’s notes reveal that Ohtori, Kaiji’s supervisor, cheated at the dice game. Truly things are looking bleak.

They don't have much, but they do have each other.

But in his darkest hour, Kaiji makes his own spark of light. He forms a plan to escape. For it to succeed, he will need the help of others. He convinces some fellow captives to join him. Even pooling their money won’t be enough. They need to save up enough to place a big bet, and break Ohtori with his own game.

I’m far from convinced this is going to work. For one thing, I think it is much more likely the team will back-stab each other, than that they will manage to follow through on their plan. For another, I find it tough to believe The Powers That Be will let them have the pass they are thinking will give them a chance to escape. For now, though, Kaiji is full of determination to take Ohtori down, which is something I would really like to see.

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  1. deluge Says:

    Well there is always back-stabbing involved. But you gotta admit that it’s a better idea than doing nothing and just suffering. People always cling to things that may bring hope.

    Kaiji doesn’t exactly have a record of bringing the evil down, he fails instead, but it’s sure amusing to watch him struggle 😛

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