Spring 2011 Anime – picks, predictions

March 10, 2011

Hello, and welcome to my Spring 2011 preview-like thing. Many of you will, no doubt, be expecting a full-fledged preview that covers most, if not all of the shows and movies that are expected to air during the season. Those folks will be surely disappointed, and should instead refer to the comprehensive reviews that I will reference below. Instead my M.O. is to pick out a few shows that I predict will be worth watching (hence the subtitle for this post).

First, for those looking for a more substantive preview of the coming season, you have many other options. There are several charts that give you an at-a-glance idea of what will be coming; of these I like Scamp’s chart, but there are alternatives for those who would like a different version. There are also in depth previews that give a lot of information about all the different shows. Emory Anime Club has a nice one that includes embedded video of many of the trailers. In addition, Raph has provided an interesting analysis of the new season, based upon seiyuu representation.

“What, Signor Joojoobees,” you are surely asking, “can you possibly provide to augment the information available by following these links?” Well, dear reader, the answer is simple: my uncanny intuition. What follows is a list of what surely must be the greatest shows of the Spring 2011 season, as revealed to me by the wellspring of wisdom within.

Tea for Universe, Tea for Life

#1 – Hyouge Mono

Surely the greatest anime of the season will be Hyouge Mono, also called “Tea for Life”. Set in 16th century Japan (the “Warring States” period), this show follows the adventures of a man obsessed with aestheticism, especially the tea ceremony. ‘Nuff said.

#2 – Kaiji Season 2

The first 8 or so episodes of season 1 were about a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors … and it was absolutely gripping. I’ve written previously about the first season, so all I’ll say is, if this one isn’t on your radar, WATCH OUT, ‘cuz it’s gonna hit like a mother-funkin’ freight train!

#3 – Moshidora

Anime adaptation of the book credited with popularizing management guru Peter Drucker’s ideas in Japan. The heroine apparently goes to a bookstore, looking for advice on her new role as manager of the high school baseball team, and picks up a copy of Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices. The story covers her attempts to apply the principles from the book.

Honorable Mentions

Tiger & Bunny

Social criticism masquerading as super sentai mecha-enhanced body suit combat? Future cloudy — ask again.

Sock Monkey Loves You

Much-anticipated adaptation of the Sock Monkey craft book.

Showa Story

Period drama set in 1964, the year of my birth.


The show that asks, “What would happen if a group of kids re-engineered their microwave ovens to send text messages into the past?”

8 Responses to “Spring 2011 Anime – picks, predictions”

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  2. RP Says:

    I really need to catch up on Kaiji 1. I’ve heard too many good things about it.

    Didn’t realize you were such a tea otaku. 😛

    • Joojoobees Says:

      That’s because I save all my rants about the virtues of Old Skool teas,and my disappointment with the way the tea industry is pandering to commercialism with the trend towards moe-infused flavors… well, let’s just say, I have some strong opinions on the subject, but I don’t blog about them here.

      In all honesty, I did used to keep a tea diary; I made entries about everything I read, and every kind of tea I drank. Aah! Those heady days of my youth. I think the most interesting tea I’ve ever had was Lapsang Souchong, which is cured by smoking it with burning pine needles.

  3. Vivi Says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one really looking forward to Hyouge Mono! How others could pass that and Kaiji up, I don’t understand… Most tea I drink are European and Vietnamese kinds, and some weird fruity hipster stuff, but I read some of the manga and I’m really craving traditional Asian tea.

  4. Ryo_kun Says:

    A lot of people have been talking about Moshidora, so i’ll probably give it a try too. As for Kaiji, I didn’t watch the anime but i’ve seen the live action of it. The main character of live action Death note was actually playing the role of Kaiji. Oh yeah, Steins ; Gate was on my list too. I think it’s interesting.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Unfortunately there has been some talk of Moshidora being dropped from the Spring season. I hope it doesn’t happen, but we’ll find out by April 25th, I suppose.

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