Site status and Winter 2011 round up

February 6, 2011

Hello all. I’ve been having computer problems lately that directly impact my ability to deal with video, as well as general system stability, thus watching anime has not really been possible. Until I can replace this computer, I will have a hard time keeping up with the season. A bit of a shame since I enjoyed some of the new shows.


I managed to watch up to Episode 18, and I am fairly pleased that the story seems more interesting this season. They pulled the old Threatening Rival Who Turns Out To Be An Ally trick, which works well, given the context.


I only managed to see the first four episodes, but so far the mystery aspect is decent, if not brilliant. I like the fact that the first story was arced over three episodes, that is a good length for presenting an interesting mystery.

Level E

I only got to watch two episodes of this. It seems this might be an interesting (and funny) science fiction show. I hope to see more of this after I get a new computer.

Wandering Son

I tried to watch this, but couldn’t finish one episode. This was possibly entirely the fault of my broken system. The colors were so pale I could barely see anything, although what I could see of the artwork was quite elegant. The story seemed extremely slow, which was magnified by the fact that I was watching jerky video of washed out figures in a tiny little window. In order to have a real opinion of this show I need to wait until I can properly handle internet video again.

RIO: Rainbowgate

All hopes of developing the ultimate RIO: Rainbowgate drinking game were dashed when I lost the ability to watch anime online. What a cruel world this is.

4 Responses to “Site status and Winter 2011 round up”

  1. Though I was the one who recommended it, I’m not following the Bakuman anime. But I know it’s awesome, so I’m glad you still find it awesome xD Haha!

    Hope you get to catch up on Level E~ It’s so EPIC *_*

  2. Janette Says:

    I hope your computer gets better soon!

  3. Mushyrulez Says:

    Oh jeez, good luck with that computer thing :/

    On another note, definitely finish the third episode of Level E first – it’s such a plot twister you’ll feel absolutely stupid at the end >_>

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