Holy Cow!

December 28, 2010

Yeah, I haven’t been posting much lately. No real reason. I just haven’t had anything I felt was worth saying. I watched a bunch of anime thinking, “yeah, there’s another episode.” Why bother posting stuff if you don’t have something worth saying, right? Anyways, I was contemplating maybe doing a Fall 2010 season wrap up, or maybe putting a little something together about the upcoming Winter 2011 season, when, surprise, Scamp puts out his first version of the Spring 2011 chart. That makes me a season and a half behind!

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying life. I seem to have survived the holidays and am looking forward to more of a lot of things. Topping the list: more anime and more melon daifuku.

9 Responses to “Holy Cow!”

  1. RP Says:

    That makes me a season and a half behind!

    AHHH! ME TOO! 😛

  2. Ruby Says:

    Being a episodic blogger is a hard life ~.~ I’m up to date with the fall shows but behind on the summer shows xD

  3. Mushyrulez Says:

    At least you know what’s happening, I didn’t even realize he had the Winter one up yet until now!

  4. chikorita157 Says:

    Thats okay, I’m behind in alot of stuff and only finished three shows from the Fall 2010 season with a huge backlog collecting dust.

    I have yet to write reviews for K-ON!!, Ika Musume, Milky Holmes, Ore no Imouto yet…

  5. Jo Says:

    Writing/blogging shouldn’t be a chore, so good on ya for choosing not to blog if you felt like there wasn’t anything worthwhile saying. So sit back, relax, just watch some anime and write whenever you feel like it…


  6. Hana Says:

    I remember feeling like this at the time (esp. after Scamps’s mega early Spring chart came out, how does he do it eh), but I didn’t just wana drop by to say, um yeah. Lol. Glad you survived the holiday blues and hope the new year is gowing well for you. 🙂

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