SoreMachi 8 9 – ping pong

December 11, 2010

Two more episodes of the world's greatest maid detective.

These two episodes of Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru included some typical high school comedy scenarios, such as the culture festival and some kind of test in P.E. class. Needless to say, fellow maid, Tatsun-tsun steals the show. Finally, in an unexpected twist, Shizuka, from the antique shop, discovers snack food from the future.

It's all about Toshiko.

During the culture festival, the girls, led by Kon-sempai, form a band. This results in the B-side to the ED single, and actually explains several of the lines used in the ED.

Too bad he doesn't realize it.

During the culture festival, Tatsuno manages to get Sanada to tour it with her, making this the third date episode, and the second in which one half of the couple doesn’t realize they are on a date.

Episode 9 features an epic ping pong battle. We finally loop back to the fact that three-quarters of the band were in the ping pong club. Toshiko, who left ping pong to pursue maid-jiutsu (and Sanada), is challenged by Harue Haribara, drummer for the band, but known in ping pong circles as, “the Reaper”.

This match really was an opportunity seized by the geniuses at SHAFT. SHAFT, of course, is known for their strong sense of visual style, and, especially when directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, a love of odd viewing angles, really fast reaction shots, super close-ups, and lots of eyes. This match gave them the opportunity to deploy everything they have; they seized upon that opportunity, and delivered something wonderful.

Toshiko battles the Reaper.

She may have lost the match, but she looked damned fine doing it, and even managed to catch the eye of her beloved Sanada-kun. Could Toshiko have finally cleared a flag?

Side story: Shizuka and the mystery treat

Shizuka manages a second-hand and curiosity shop.

Surprisingly, Shizuka received her own segment before Uki (the head maid) got one. We find that she, too is a hunter in a city of mysteries.

Travelling in style.

Today Shizuka is chasing down the source of a mysterious snack product. Her only clues: a city that doesn’t exist, and an unused phone number.

Cute sleeping face.

A horrible nightmare begins.

A journey that never ends.

I’m sure the insert song from episode 8 will have many fans, but, honestly, I was much more impressed by episode 9, especially, the excellent ping pong match.


3 Responses to “SoreMachi 8 9 – ping pong”

  1. I believe knowing that there is an epic ping pong match is enough to make me track down this series and watch it.

  2. Ginnodangan Says:

    For some reason I’m enjoying this show quite a lot, it’s just got a fun and surreal yet still down to earth atmosphere to it. Not to mention the way it uses the characters is pretty fun as well.

    I loved the way something as ordinary as the ping pong match worked as well, it really was somewhere where Shinbo’s style worked to it’s advantage. In turn making something completely awesome.

    The way Shizuka’s story worked was nice as well as it showed how despite the setting may seem completely ordinary. There still wasn’t that fear to throw something otherwise impossible in, the fact that time travel has been confirmed also makes me wonder whether the theory that Hotori’s teacher, Moriaki had about her may have some truth to it. As unlikely as it may be.

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