Bulk Update: Arakawa Bridge^2 9; Bakuman 9 10; Zakuro 9 10

December 6, 2010

The face hidden behind the mask is revealed in Otome Youkai Zakuro.

I’m catching up on a bunch of titles. This seems to be the part of the season that shows use for filler-ish material. After this the mad rush to make things seem like they are coming to a conclusion will begin, so this time is often taken for side-tales and development of minor characters. The one real exception in this batch was Zakuro, which is slowly but steadily developing a real plot.

Bakuman 9 10

A new goal, publication in Next. Actually, that was the last goal, too!

Impressively little happens over the course of these two episodes. The boys get a little special attention, and direct editorial input from Hattori, and a concept “name” is selected for the next big goal, publication in Next. The actual name/sketch as described previously has not yet been produced.

Arakawa under the Bridge^2 #9

Shimazaki decides to become an international white-liner.

Actually, nothing much happened in the 9th episode of Arakawa, either.

Otome Yokai Zakuro 9 10

After several week's hiatus, the fight song is back.

Zakuro was the exception here, although it too engaged in some frivolity, including a creature that was exorcised by having a boy confessing to a girl in front of it, and a trip to a festival.

Mask guy is not a nice man.

Zakuro ends up captured, and brought to the Village of Oracles, which we are told, exists outside of normal reality. We also find that the half-spirits there are enslaved by the mask-wearer and those who support him. Zakuro has been captured to be used to bear his child. The Black Widow attacks Zakuro in a jealous rage, and Zakuro uses it as a chance to flee, leaving us with a bit of a cliff hanger.

10 Responses to “Bulk Update: Arakawa Bridge^2 9; Bakuman 9 10; Zakuro 9 10”

  1. Hana Says:

    Re: Arakawa 9, unfortunately, I completely agree.*Sigh*

    Re: Zakuro 9 – ooh, doesn’t this show just keep getting better and better ro what! Not quite sure why he wanted her for the purpose of bearing his child tho’, unless I’m missing something completely obvious (which no doubt I am). I guess I thought he’s want to gain power in a more immediate and effective way, rather than hanging around for another 9 months, lol. I also liked Agemaki’s (almost?) confession and it was a nice reveal about Zakuro’s additional power of being able to reenergise another. In short, I like! 😀

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, Zakuro keeps on delivering. I think mask-man already is in power. He’s just trying to dictate who is in power next. Is Zakuro the model that all other half-spirits are supposed to be bad copies of? Also, I guess when she was young, she visited the Oracle Village, because it looked like she had memories of that place ??

  2. I think I’ve heard basically the same thing about this episode of Arakawa from like 3 different blogs lately. Wow…that episode must be kinda lame. Eventually I’ll watch the series, haha.

  3. paper Says:

    Ahh, Agemaki should have just bluntly blurted out that he liked her. The confession was so adorable. :3 Otome Yokai Zakuro might just be my favorite for this season if it concludes with a good ending.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It wouldn’t be difficult for Agemaki to tell that Zakuro doesn’t want to hear it. I’m talking about little things, like her running away, with her hands over her ears, screaming “Nooo!”

      • paper Says:

        Why was she unwilling to listen to him? Is it because she already has so many other things to worry over like her mother, the black widow and other stuff that she didn’t want to worry over Agemaki’s feelings?

  4. Joojoobees Says:

    I don’t know. It could be that she is just frightened. Or maybe she just preferred the captain?

    • paper Says:

      yeah, she’s probably scared.
      no, I doubt she likes the Lieutenant. She only feels admiration or something similar for him or at least I hope that’s what she feels for him.

  5. blindability Says:

    Hurrah for Otome Yokai Zakuro holding up the season, haha. Boo on Arakawa for letting us down in Episode Nine (and Ten).

    Zakuro’s emotions are probably new to her and she probably never thought she’d develop feelings for a human and isn’t ready to hear “those words” from someone she clearly cares for just yet.

    The poor girl probably doesn’t want to hear it yet because she’s still trying to figure out what it means to her.

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