SoreMachi 5 – girl of 1,000 faces

November 6, 2010

Episode 5 of Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru features Toshiko Tatsuno in the first half. The second half unexpectedly develops Hotori’s brother’s character. All I’ll say about that is that Hotori’s cluelessness in the ways of love are shared with her brother.

Toshiko wonders if she’s becoming too much like Hotori, or not enough like Hotori, but finally realizes that she should be herself.


Toshiko carefully plans her attack. Unfortunately her friends seem just as happy to watch her squirm as suceed.


All she needs to do is ask him, but the opportunities slip by without her being able to say the words.


While she bravely announces her intentions to her friends, she fears revealing her feelings directly to Sanada.


I like the comparison between the two previous screen shots. In the one labeled Despair, Hotori seems genuinely concerned for her friend, whereas in the image above, labeled Doubt, Hotori seems to enjoy Toshiko’s torment.


One of the things I like about Toshiko, is that she isn’t afraid to go for it sometimes. We saw this in the first episode when she decided to become a maid. Here her motivation is similar. She has a ready-made opportunity at hand. All she needs to do is make a leap for it.


Alas, even the greatest of plans can fall to unexpected circumstances.


Beneath it all, Toshiko is a woman of great passion. Needless to say great passion also has its dark side.




The sequence leading up to Toshiko utilizing her bishoujo power was tense. For a moment I thought she was going to punch the guy. Instead she realized, she has her own way of fighting.

Toshiko is better at manipulating things from the background, than at direct confrontations. She puts her talents to work, and ultimately captures her prey.


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  1. Jo Says:

    Heh, I liked Takeru’s half of the show better. So cute…

    Also, not sure if you have seen the subs by these guys
    they make an effort to explain some of the word jokes in the episodes.


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