Shiki 14 – gruesome violence

November 6, 2010

Thankfully all marriages don't end like this.

Episode 14 of Shiki was absolutely horrifying. It included some gruesome imagery that I won’t repeat here. While various things happened that are, no doubt important to the advancement of the plot, it was Toshio and Kyoko Ozaki’s story that was truly disturbing.

Letting go is one thing...

Toshio performs some grisly experiments on Kyoko, eventually killing her. This is one of those situations in which it is difficult to imagine there being a morally unambiguous path. What Toshio does is wrong, but to not do these things, to be moved by compassion for the suffering of the thing living as the corpse of his wife, could that possibly be right? In the end Toshio Ozaki has the resolve to experiment as necessary to gather the information necessary if they are to save any part of Sotoba village.

Several other interesting things happened, including Masao finally getting the punch in the face he has deserved almost from the first moment he was introduced. But I am most curious about the elder monk, who is sending a letter to the Kirishiki family. This is either one of the worst mistakes anyone could make, or he has some plan. But why doesn’t Seishin discuss what he knows about the risen and the Kirishiki with his dad? Just one, “By the way, dad, I think the people you are sending this letter to are vampires,” would satisfy me that he had addressed the matter.

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  1. Jo Says:

    Maybe Toshio lived by the ‘greatest happiness’ principle. So whether what he did was right or wrong, as long as he saves the village (and possibly more), that is all that matters.
    Felt really bad for Kyoko though. The fear and confusion she must have went through.

    I think with Seishin, it would have been hard to bring up even the idea of vampires with his father. He had problems believing Toshio when the subject was first brought up. So its kind of understandable.


    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, this episode was actually more hopeful than the last because of what Toshio did. At the very least the humans have some real information they can use against the Shiki.

  2. foshizzel Says:

    Lots of blood this week! and the last scene with all that blood on Toshio kinda made me lol, but thats just me.

    Great progress so far now he has real poor to show everyone well not sure who would want to see that.

  3. Ayumikat Says:

    I don’t Seishin would want to tell his dad that the Kirishikis are vampires, not after he met Sunako. He appears to be intrigue with her. I think that Seishin might even be sympathetic to the bloodsuckers. The end of this particular episode would have driven him even more to their side especially after witnessing such a gruesome aftermath of Toshio’s doing.

  4. Joojoobees Says:

    @foshizzel Lots. Toshio better have gotten more than proof. I hope he knows how to defend the humans.

    @Ayumikat Excellent point. I cannot imagine what is going on in Seishin’s mind.

  5. Overcooled Says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to label his choice as right are wrong – both are totally arguable. Toshio had to sacrifice most of human compassion in order to do what he thought was best. Mixed with a little bit of obsession to be the savior too, but ultimately it was his decision. It’s slightly unsettling how easily and quickly he was able to just go ahead and slice his wife up like that though…(I loved it though)

    Ahhh I wish Seishin would do something about the okiagari instead of having all these inner-monolgues! I don’t care if he tells someone or just tries to find more info, as long as he does SOMETHING finally. >_<

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Re: Seishin. Yes. This is not a situation that is going to resolve itself — well, not in a good way. Based on Ayumikat’s comment, I wonder if he isn’t secretly thrilled that the village is being destroyed. He seems to fantasize about that a lot in his novels.

      Re: Toshio. That was a messed up situation. It’s hard to not feel sorry for the guy.

  6. Guival Says:

    Seishin father looks a bit awkward to me, and man those vampires got balls.

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