Zakuro 5 – petal magic

November 2, 2010

Hozuki protects Ganryu.

Episode 5 of Otome Yokai Zakuro turned out much more interesting than I had expected. Yes this was the Bonbori X Ganryu X Hozuki feature episode, but there was also fighting spread out over multiple characters and locations, and further hints about the larger plot.

Zakuro brandishes her concealed weapon.

The fighting was more interesting in this episode, because the two mysterious figures tried to intervene to give the main monster a chance to work uninterrupted.

The mysterious figures are just trying to slow the rest of the group down, so when they get hurt, they retreat. Before her attacker gets away, Susukihotaru gets a partial reading. Thanks to this, we have a little bit of intel on the mysterious figures. She finds a mind “darker than night”.

She’s seeking something. Being chased by something. And there was a deep sorrow.

The real stars of this episode.

The most intensity was centered around Hozuki and Bonbori, whose powers are explained. They the ability to use flower petals as communication and tracking devices, as well as for defensive (and, to a lesser extent, offensive) purposes. The singing they do is part of their magic.

That's nice, but shouldn't the little boy be stepping out of the way?

Ganryu doesn’t want his lady friends getting hurt. Unfortunately that is exactly what is about to happen.

Even Bonbori is showing some leg!

When they stumble into a monster’s lair, the girls have to defend Ganryu, something that no doubt ends up bothering them, especially since Bonbori gets hurt in the process.

This monster had to die.

As she dies, the monster brags about knowing Zakuro and her mother. Something is going on with Zakuro’s mother. Perhaps she is still alive? Perhaps she is evil?

6 Responses to “Zakuro 5 – petal magic”

  1. Jo Says:

    Crikey, Ganryu was annoying…I can’t believe he actually told the spider lady to go through official channels to lodge a complaint..Lol what the hell was he thinking??! I hope he actually does something useful in future episodes because at the moment he just seems like a burden on the twins.

    Wild guess: I think Zakuro’s mother is the queen of the underworld.


  2. Joojoobees Says:

    “I can’t believe he actually told the spider lady to go through official channels to lodge a complaint.”

    Actually I thought that was pretty funny, although I’ll admit I was laughing AT, not WITH him. 😀

    RE: Zakuro’s mother. That is possible, I suppose, but doesn’t that invert the story we were given about how half-spirits are made? Definitely more to learn here.

    • Jo Says:

      I guess I wanted the action to start, and all his talking seemed to be delaying it…

      About Zakuro’s mother, maybe she was special? or maybe the ‘father’ (I don’t how the father side of half-spirits works..) is the king of the underworld.

      I’m curious about the persimmons, any thoughts?

  3. blindability Says:

    I’m guessing the “marked” mystery girl’s sorrow originates from being in love with someone she’s not supposed to be (ie the masked man who, based on hair colour and hair colour alone, resembles Hanadate).

    Not sure what to think about Zakuro’s mom yet but boy this show’s a lot better than I’d originally thought it would be!

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