SoreMachi 4 – fated encounter

October 30, 2010

Hotori Arashiyama, high school detective.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru episode 4 reveals the thread of fate that binds Hotori to Moriaki-sensei throughout time..

Hotori consults the oracles frequently.

Hotori describes her personal system for consulting love horoscopes to her fellow maids. The fated encounter that was predicted occurs when Hotori is required to stay after school for special lessons with Moriaki-sensei.

Coincidence? or conspiracy?

Sensei believes Hotori to be his second “natural enemy”, a spitting image of the first — that was his grade school home room teacher.

Hotori's prey.

No matter how much Moriaki-sensei struggles to get the best of the situation, Hotori’s happy-go-lucky tomfoolery (or as she claims, “out of the box thinking”) mocks him.

I laughed quite a bit this episode, as I have during those that preceded. Hotori’s smart-ass attitude continues to drive crazy situations, for which she takes no responsibility. Meanwhile Moriaki-sensei suffers.

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  1. Jo Says:

    I thought it was hilarious seeing the strands of hair falling out of Moriaki’s head. I bet he’ll be bold by the end of the series..

    also, not enough Kon senpai…

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