Arakawa Bridge^2 3 – embarrassing secrets

October 21, 2010

Cookies! I'll give you cookies.

Arakawa under the bridge Bridge^2 episode 3 is remarkable, because there is a single plot throughout the episode. The main issue involves Nino’s mysterious background.

Can't get enough of Sister's cookies.

The central issue this episode was Ric’s discovery of a cassette of Nino’s that seemingly has some important secret. Ric never does get to hear it, but it freaks Nino out that he has discovered this object from her past.

Those cookies are making me hungry!

Seriously. I’m really hungry and want cookies. Unfortunately I don’t control birds who will snatch some for me.

Nino, angrier than she has ever been shown, climbs up a utility pole, and Ric doesn’t know what to do.

Maria offers to play Cyrano de Bergerac.

Do I even need to explain that Maria’s only aim is to make a fool out of Ric? Well Ric is desperate enough that he falls for it twice. Nino does eventually come down, but the girls circle the wagons around Nino, and Ric finds himself kicked to the curb.

P-ko takes a very active role in sorting out the lover's quarrel.

While the girls give Nino support and advice, Ric tries to mend his relationship with Nino.

Still a mystery.

This was a little “two steps forward, one step back”. In the end nothing about Nino’s past has been revealed, except that Nino is afraid of Ric finding out about her past. Ric’s final attempt to bridge the gap between them has been made, but it isn’t even clear if Nino is going to tell him anything.

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  1. Maousama Says:

    hahaha love it when she made the bird go and get those cookies XD woooosh !

  2. Styfles Says:

    does the mayor having the cassette mean that most of the people living under the bridge know about Nino’s past?

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