SoreMachi 2 – even life has its own formula

October 19, 2010

Looking for clues

Episode 2 of Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru is full of domestic abuse, run-ins with the law, corporate crime, as well as suspicions about murderers. Fortunately Hotori Arashiyama is on the scene. Action, thrills, and more await!

A shadowy figure giving orders.

A mysterious assailant on the loose!

A crime that SHOCKS an entire community.

We return to the adventures of Hotori, as she tackles her biggest case yet.

No prison can hold her for long.

"Get in my way again, and I'll leave you with nothing but mashed potatoes."

Tensions run high, and reports of disturbances proliferate throughout town. Back at the seaside cafe, Hotori has a plan to flush out the perpetrator, but she’ll need to call in a favor.

So crazy, it just might work.

Her old friend, the Dragon ...

... Toshiko Tatsuno.

Unsurprisingly, Hotori’s plan works perfectly. She summons all of the suspects, informing them that she will reveal the culprit’s true identity.

"It was ALMOST the perfect crime."

"And you would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for your love of ..."


"Why you..."

"Eat lead, old man!"

Double-Platter Strike

Her scheme was foiled this time. But who knows what will happen next week?

BTW, the BGM is really fun, they use pieces that reference classic spy music during the lecturing the cop gives Hotori (starts about 6:50), briefly as Hotori escapes with Tetsuo (starting at 9:05), and during Hotori’s prosecution of Sanada (starting at about 10:40). Compare:

Also, doesn’t the figure on the right look like the bass player from the ED?

A walk-on appearance?

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    Wow that was an amazingly creative post, they could use that idea in a future episode

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