Shiki 12 – meddlesome kids

October 17, 2010


This hunter seems all but down for the count.


Shiki‘s back and I caught up. I always knew this show was going to be disturbing, but as I watched it this Summer I could feel it messing with my head anyways. I wouldn’t say this show is scary, in the way American horror films are. Shiki doesn’t have the sudden frights that cause you to jump, it is more of a relentless atmosphere of wrongness that clings to you like a chill in the winter time. After five or six episodes, I had this feeling that I was alright now, but that couldn’t possibly last forever. It wasn’t so much that I was jumpy when I heard strange sounds in the middle of the night, as that I was hyper aware of all the strange sounds. Why did I start watching it again? Because Fuyumi Ono is a gifted writer, and, to paraphrase Akira Tanaka, I would rather regret watching it, than regret not watching it.


All I need is some fine wine, and for you to be nicer.


One of the really interesting parts about Shiki is the huge cast of characters. It seems that at any time, there are dozens of interesting characters that have been introduced, but are merely waiting off stage, ready to descend upon the scene unexpectedly.


Yeah, you're not helping.


At this point, I don’t know what to make of the story or the characters. Wrapped up in the narrative, I feel like things are absolutely hopeless. What seemed like the beginnings of a revolt by the villagers now seems broken. As a person conscious of the fact that this is a story, I still have some small hope that, even if the village succumbs to the presence of evil, someone can at least escape.

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