Arakawa Bridge^2 ep:2 – invasion

October 14, 2010

Arakawa under the bridge (Bridge^2) episode two picks up the story of the Amazoness, and introduces the Captain of the Earth Defense Force, making this the most confusing episode to date.

Somehow Ric manages to survive his encounter with the Amazonians. As they leave, the Amazon warrior is contacted by her “boss”. Apparently this was only the first skirmish.


The captain of the Earth Defense Force discovers the location of the Venusian base.


The Venusian Queen is, of course, Nino, whose ability to stuff live fish in people’s mouths is unparalleled. Thus the Earth defender is forced to withdraw… but for how long? I honestly don’t know what to make of these characters yet. Are they related? Are they working for Kou’s father? The second half clearly is related to Nino’s identity, but I guess we still have to wait for it all to make sense.

In the meantime, the new ED was shown, but I was a bit disappointed. The song isn’t terrible, but I was hoping for more kick-ass animation. Instead we got a live-action music video featuring Hoshi. Screw Hoshi, and his tasteless guitar playing. I’ll admit that the idea was somewhat clever, but I was hoping for something as brilliant as the OP.

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  1. Hana Says:

    I dunno what to make of them either, though the Captain looks slightly more promising than the Amazoness, I guess (though that’s not really saying much either). I just realised how much I missed the old ED too, lol. Oh and did I hear the Mayor mention that Kappas are apparently descended from aliens? That might explain the antennaed Kappa you spotted on the spaceship next to Nino’s father… perhaps…

    • Joojoobees Says:

      It’s all a big mystery! Well, we still have 10 or so episodes left, so that isn’t too surprising.

      Suneohair isn’t really my cup of tea, but I preferred the first ED of the two. The first season ED seemed more like rock, this one seems more singer-songwriter (and I still have bad memories of the days before I escaped Nashville).

  2. blindability Says:

    I have to admit I skip the ending credits because the song doesn’t grab me either (I always watch the opening though, haha). I think the “live-action” Kappa and Hoshi are kind of weird. I’d much rather an animated ending… And animated previews of future episodes.

  3. Kyokai Says:

    Just when I was thinking while watching this episode, there’s not enough Nino, I got that whole night transformation with fishes, snot-bubble and hair antenna! Ingenious. XD

    You can’t really guess what’s gonna happen next plot-wise but Arakawa always keeps things interesting with the weirding gang. ^^

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