SoreMachi 1 – maid expectations

October 11, 2010


this indeed.


One’s expectations always lead to one of two harsh realities. Either anxious or uncertain expectations tend to frighten people, or the high expectations one holds may betray and scar them.

I hadn’t planned on watching Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, but was amazed at the OP. What I didn’t expect was an action-adventure anime.

Introducing the characters

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s consider the cast of characters.


The Dynamite Duo.


One of the chief assets of this project is the very entertaining pairing of seiyus Aoi Yuuki and Chiaki Omigawa. Yuuki uses many different voices throughout, which really conveys a certain manipulative side of her character.


Welcome to the Seaside Café.



Hotori Arashiyama


Hotori: A girl who loves mystery.


Toshiko Tatsuno


Toshiko: Master of a forbidden art.










Tsundere Rating: STRONG.

Meganeko: Check.


A bishoujo



A woman unafraid to take what she wants.



Above all, always ready to help a friend.


Mystery and Adventure

With their lair infiltrated the pair face a great challenge.


Their secret headquarters have been infiltrated!



Could this be the end?



A fallen comrade!



Now it's personal.



Toshiko struggles on.


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