Otome Youkai Zakuro 2 – memories, dreams, and portents

October 11, 2010


Persimmon trees are connected to the underworld.


Episode 1 of Otome Youkai Zakuro began and ended with fights against large monsters. Episode 2 starts in an even more suspenseful way, as Zakuro falls into the underworld. There’s some more light development of the relationships, and we get another confrontation with a large monster (and a lesson about tolerance thrown in for good measure).

Was the dream a remembrance of some past event? Does it have some meaning for the imminent future?




Things are going well in all of the relationships except for Agemaki X Zakuro. Well that’s to be expected, even though Agemaki seems to be making an effort by reading up on her culture and buying her gifts.


Is violence the answer? An intriguing question.


We still don’t know what exactly the fox-maidens do to these large monsters. In this case the results were insightful. The spirit in question was trying to defend his habitat. The shrine where it had lived was destroyed to make way for a western-style hotel. In the aftermath the townsfolk show bigotry against the spirit-folk. The actions of a superior officer are required to reach a compromise suitable to both communities.

Watch out Agemaki! You have some competition.

2 Responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro 2 – memories, dreams, and portents”

  1. Hana Says:

    ‘Dawww!’ and ‘competition’ indeed (esp that Lieutenant, he was suspicious, a bit too smooth if you ask me).

    A solid second epi, I like the episodic spirit-vanquishing thing it’s got going on plus te sense thhat there’s a wider struggle between the spirit and human world that parallels other wider themes of tolerance Vs prejudice etc. As you say, the chharacters seem to be developing nicely too, which, along with how pretty they all are, is just dandy. Loving it so far! 🙂

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I agree about the Lieutenant!

      I’m really glad this episode was just as good as the first episode. It looked great, and, as you say, it is even dipping its toe into “wider themes”.

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