Bakuman 2 – things start moving!

October 10, 2010

This episode ended with some great energy.

Bakuman episode 2 really picks up the momentum, and left me excited to see what happens next.

l to r: Moritaka (Saikou) and Akito (Shuujin).

Moritaka and Shuujin bond over Moritaka’s new romantic situation, then Moritaka confronts his family with his new calling to be a mangaka.

Go, Saikou, go!

I loved the ending to this episode with Moritaka literally running towards his new workshop. This energy carried right into the ending, which includes animation of Akito and Moritaka running. I don’t know if that kind of energy can be maintained, but it has me psyched to see what happens next!

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  1. You’re beginning to see SOME of the things that makes this series exciting xD YAY!

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