Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge 1

October 6, 2010

Domestic tranquility under the bridge.

Arakawa under the Bridge is back for a second season (Bridge x Bridge, hereafter Bridge^2). Impressively they managed to kick it off not only with the usual random hi-jinx and crazy characters, but also with some strong hints about where the second season is going. For those unfamiliar with the first season, this is a wacky comedy show, with some unusually serious content swimming just below the surface.

Nino-san is back, and this time I want answers.

Three great things about this second season kickoff:

  1. We get to see the various residents of the village under the bridge again. There are a lot of fun characters, and this episode gave us an opportunity to spend a little time with almost all of them.
  2. The one thing I wanted from Bridge^2 most of all was some information about Nino’s background (and/or mental stability). Right from the very beginning this episode dropped hints that that is exactly what Shaft intends to deliver.
  3. Somehow the artwork in this episode looks even better than the art from the first season!

It's good to see that Ric is still having fun with his under-the-bridge friends.

Much of this episode was the usual silliness with the villagers “competing” in a race. Highlights included Sister’s bizarre notion of testing his limits, Stella’s mobile book-making operation, the Mayor’s “evolved form”, and, of course, Ric and Hoshi acting like idiots in a vain attempt to impress Nino.

Look to the skies, Nino.

But the really exciting parts were the ones that hinted at future revelations about Nino-san’s past. These started with the mysterious dream that caused Nino to cry, which was repeated in extended form at the episode’s end. In between Ric finds an expensive-looking child’s dress in Nino’s belongings. At the end in Nino’s dream, she is left alone on the river, shouting, “wait!”, as a rocket ship departs, carrying a little girl that looks like a young Nino, who happens to be wearing the dress just mentioned.

Oh, that hair!

One final note, there was no ED, but the new OP was a visual treat. Musically, the song Cosmos versus Aliens doesn’t seem to be as strong as either OP for season 1, but it was fun to hear, nontheless. Check it out for yourself:

8 Responses to “Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge 1”

  1. blindability Says:

    I’m super excited to see what we learn about Nino as her past is revealed to us. I personally hope the Amazon Jungle Woman isn’t her mother.

  2. Overcooled Says:

    *ahem* Right. I’m really excited to learn about Nino’s past~ Ahhh~ I can barely calm down to make a coherent comment, it’s just that good of a show.

  3. Kyokai Says:

    This was a visual treat, sight for my sore eyes. How I missed thisssss.

    ^Agrees with OC and departs quickly before the kyaaaing fangirl-mode’s activated.

  4. Hana Says:

    Agree that the artwork seems even better, esp. in the new EP, which is gorgeously animated. The song’s probably not as good as the previous one, as you say, but I wouldn’t say it’s far off either and will probably grow on us.

    In short, excellently paced and pushed all the right buttons – love love love! 😀

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, I’m sure it will grow on me.
      :leans back and watches OP once again:

      In comparison to the original OP (and even the Maria OP), this second season OP is unusual in that it really incorporates the whole cast. As much as I enjoyed the Pop-art approach of the first OP animation, the second season animation is amazing. It usually has a watercolor-like texture, and a very complex color palette, plus there is lots of animation across many layers, and incredibly dense detail — look, for example, at that weird tea party scene, where there are hearts and gumballs floating around and then chibi villagers are cake ornaments.

      • Hana Says:

        Ah, that Maria OP was hilarious. Good point about the inclusion of the other cast members, which I was also a joy to see, and yesss; that mad tea party scene was awesome! 😀

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